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Monday, March 29, 2010

contours of the latest conspiracy to destroy the catholic church in ireland

1. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin fled Rome after failing to sabotage the careers of a generation of Irish Bishops whom he'd wished to label as concealers of child abuse, and then replace with liberal progressive leftists of his own stripe.
2. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin lied to the Bishops and Cardinals and the Pope when he said he accepted the decision of the meeting in Rome and stood united with the priests, Bishops and Cardinal of Ireland.
3. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin scuttled back to Ireland to consult with his media handlers, namely John Cooney of the Irish Independent and Patsy McGarry of The Irish Times and others.
4. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin informed his media handlers that the strategy to demonise and oust the Bishops had failed because Cardinal Sean Brady took a firm stand at the meeting with the Pope.
5. The media and whoever else is behind this ongoing conspiracy to infiltrate and destroy the Catholic Church, now shifted targets from the Bishops to Cardinal Sean Brady.
6. By destroying Cardinal Sean Brady, the media intended to create a situation whereby Archbishop Diarmuid Martin would be the de facto head of the Catholic Church in Ireland.
7. The media held fire for a week in order to put some plausible distance between their failed attempts to destroy the Irish Bishops in Rome, and their new fully planned and preprepared campaign to eliminate Cardinal Sean Brady.
8. The campaign to eliminate Sean Brady was coordinated and timed to coincide precisely with an international campaign to weaken Pope Benedict himself. The campaign against the Irish Cardinal and the German Pope used precisely the same methodology. Media researchers found where both prelates had worked decades ago. They then chose a separate sex abuse case that had occurred in each area where they had worked and accused them of playing a part in covering up these media selected sex abuse cases.
9. The strategy of using a tenuous connection to the handling of an old sex abuse case as a propaganda tool in order to slander Pope Benedict was intended to deter Pope Benedict from showing loyalty to Cardinal Sean Brady who was being slandered using exactly the same spurious manipulations. Any collateral damage to the credibility or efficacy of the Papacy itself would be a bonus. The primary target remained Cardinal Sean Brady.
10. The media conspirators launched a third slander campaign in Portugal, again precisely timed to coincide with the other two. The Portuguese campaign was a red herring, intended to put the public off the track of the conspirators while creating the false impression that the Catholic Church was reeling from crisis to crisis. This intention dovetailed neatly with another of the conspirators' main aims, to convince the public of the utter fiction that the primary locus of sex abuse and the main concealer of sex abuse in modern society is the Catholic Church.


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