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Monday, March 29, 2010

barack obama's statement on the al qaeda attack against russia

"We stand firmly with Russia.
We will conquer Al Qaeda with meaningless gestures and ringing speeches.
We will close Guantanamo Bay the only prison on earth that Al Qaeda members don't really like being sent to.
We will withdraw the American army from Iraq and Afghanistan.
We will roll over and play dead.
We will continue our efforts to criminalise former President George Bush and former Prime Minister Tony Blair, the only leaders in modern history to take anything approaching decisive action against the terrorist threat.
We will implement the teachings of Michael Moore and sundry other traitors.
We will appease.
We will bow.
We will surrender to Muslim terror.
Hopefully Al Qaeda will just get bored murdering Americans and Westerners with impunity.
Then victory will be assured."


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