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Sunday, March 28, 2010

of lice and men

Watching the chat show host Ryan Tubridy interview a supposed priest called Father Brian Darcy on the anti Catholic channel RTE.
It is a most unedifying assemblage of talents.
Tubridy as per RTE traditions has inherited a chat show by virtue of his family being part of a political dynasty within the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail party.
Father Brian Darcy is not really a Catholic priest.
Father Brian Darcy is more correctly understood as someone who for decades has written a newspaper column for The Sunday World, a publication within the anti Catholic near defunct Independent Newspapers group.
Father Brian Darcy has had no problems or moral dilemmas about accepting cash from Independent Newspapers supremo Tony O'Reilly in order to make Tony O'Reilly's most pornographic title appear to be kosher with the Catholic Church.
The Sunday World specialises in female breasts, bums, salacious gossip, sensationalist crime reporting and the occasional maudlin faux Catholic dribbling from the Sunday World employee styling himself Father Brian Darcy.
I say that The Sunday World is Tony O'Reilly's most pornographic title but this is a matter open to debate.
The charge could equally be laid at the door of The Daily Star which O'Reilly actually publishes in partnership with a fully fledged British porn baron.
The editor of The Daily Star Ger Colleran is famous for falsely, malignly and maliciously claiming on RTE that children had been abused in every Catholic Church presbytery in Ireland.
This calumny from the right hand man of a porn baron.
I kid you not.
Listening to the Sunday World journalist Brian Darcy pouring on the anti Catholic platitudes to the dynastic inheritor of chat shows Ryan Tubridy, I realised just how far our country has gotten away from us.
You know these people don't have a divine right to rule us or to sneer at our ancient, beautiful and true Catholic Church.
Defy them.
Withdraw your consent.
Join the revolution.


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