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Saturday, March 20, 2010

the percentages

Somebody contacted me a while ago to say it seemed a bit cold when I wrote about sex abuse victims in terms of percentages arising within and outside of the church.
I understood.
But there is no other way to demonstrate to people the lies that are being told than to explain to them just how many sex abuse cases are being ignored by the anti Catholic media.
To explain the extent of the lies that Independent Newspapers, RTE and The Irish Times are telling, you  simply have to point out the exponential presence of sex abuse in modern society.
You have to explain that 99.99 percent of cases are completely unconnected to the church.
You have to point out that the cases which do not involve the church are the most extreme cases, involving tortures, murders and rapes conducted over many decades often with the knowledge of liberal left wing social workers and High Court Judges who failed to take such victims into protective care.
You have to make clear that the media is propagating an utter lie in deliberately misleading the public into thinking that the Catholic Church is the main locus of sex abuse in our society.
You have to expose the media's bigoted hypocrasy in misconstruing as a cover up, any honorable attempts by the Catholic Church to deal discretely with sex abuse cases arising in its midst.
You have to do this.
The alternative is to surrender to the night.
As for the figures I give.
Yes, I say 99.99 percent of sex abuse cases do not involve the Catholic Church.
An activists group, that is to say a group that has made an awful lot of money out of sex abuse cases, was challenged a few years ago to say precisely what percentage of cases overall involved priests.
They claimed 5 percent.
But they were unable to give any statistics to back up their claim.
They said they had based their figures on the cases which reach court.
But still they had no precise statistics.
The figure was a notional one.
Snatched out of the air.
Every single person involved in social work in the Republic of Ireland knows that since at least the 1980's there has been an epidemic of sex abuse against children, exploding throughout our society.
Most of these cases do not get reported, do not go to court, do not involve priests, and do not get entered in any official statistics.
Most of these cases happen in family homes at the hands of near relatives.
I assert that this explosion in sex abuse has happened because of the pornography culture, drugs culture and atheism culture, facilitated, nay promoted, explicitly by the hedonism, paganism, and atheism of Independent Newspapers, RTE and The Irish Times.
The explosion of sex abuse has been caused by the collapse in values championed by the very atheist Judges, parliamentarians, secretive upper echelon Civil Servants, and the cheerleading media shills who are currently united in mendaciously blaming sex abuse on the Catholic Church.
The honest ones among us know well that the number of cases involving priests as a percentage of all victims is infinitesimal.
I put the figure at 0.01 percent.
Still important.
And each abuser should answer for what he does.
But all the victims are important.
Not just the ones the Nazis find useful for propaganda purposes against Christianity.
And the media assault against the Catholic Church represents a deliberate concealment of 99.99 percent of vicims.
The 99.99 percent who weren't important because they weren't abused by priests.
The 99.99 percent who were no use to Independent Newspapers, RTE and The Irish Times in their kulturkampf with the Catholic Church.
These 99.99 percent of sex abuse victims are being victimised right now in their homes, in sports clubs, in hospitals, and in the community.
How did I arrive at my own figures?
I took the false 5 percent figure offered by the activists for abuse cases involving priests.
I took it as a starting point.
I accepted that if that false figure relates to court cases only, and if as we know most cases taking place in the family and in the community never get near a court and therefore don't even show up on the map, (while most cases involving priests definitely do get to court and show up disproproportionately in any statistics either genuine or contrived), then since the vast preponderance of child abuse victims in the broader community are never recorded, a figure of less than 1 percent for cases involving priests becomes in my view a more realistic assessment of the clerical presence in the total number of cases.
My figure is also notional.
I don't claim to have precise statistics.
But at least you can see my rationale.
Less than one tenth of one percent of sex abuse victims have suffered at the hands of supposedly religious people.
The other 99.99 percent of victims have been prey to abusers who operate with effective impunity because Independent Newspapers, RTE and The Irish Times have no interest in them.
There's no media war against them.
This is why I mention the devil so much.
It is all positively devilish.
The important fact is that for every person the media have highlighted as having been abused by a priest, the media have ignored 999 victims who were abused by non religious people, by their fathers, mothers, brothers, sports trainers, teachers, and so on.
Now that's what I call satanism.
This is a cosmic battle.
We put on the armour of God.


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