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Saturday, March 20, 2010

the satanic rites of independent newspapers

John Cooney has been leading the anti Catholic onslaught in Independent Newspapers for some years now.
He has been the media handler par excellence for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin during the present coup attempt against the Catholic Church in Ireland.
The object for the media, and for the main conspirators hiding within the Judiciary, Civil Service and parliament of the Republic of Ireland, has always been the destruction of the church.
But an interim objective is the installation of one of their own as head of the church.
On Friday, Independent Newspapers was keeping John Cooney very much on the sidelines.
His manipulations had become too blatent.
It was starting to look bad.
Independent Newspapers still featured pages of anti Catholic propaganda on Friday.
But most of it was handled by younger journalists.
The second string bigots.
Cooney was only let write two articles.
His first article was a neutrally phrased snippet reporting the appointment of an Irish man as prelate in a third world country.
His second article was altogether more instructive.
In his second article John Cooney speculated that if Cardinal Sean Brady is removed from office, then Archbishop Diarmuid Martin will be head of the church in Ireland.
And that gentle readers is what they've been playing for all along.


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