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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

how corrupt is the irish police force

Two more dead.
Two people dead in Garda custody in the space of a week.
Both were arrested in separate incidents.
Both were aged 39.
Both now dead.
Apparantly 39 is a dangerous age to get arrested in Ireland.
Hoo baby.
The bodies have been piling up in Irish police stations in recent years.
Of course the best way to murder someone is to do it off the premises.
We even had one death at the side of the road in County Kildare just before Christmas a few years ago.
The person was stopped while driving by police who claimed he'd made an erratic manoeuvre. The police never elaborated on the erratic manoeuvre the person is alleged to have made. But the person died at the scene. A child who was a passenger in the car saw the person die.
After the death the police released a highly prejudicial and absolutely illegal statement to the press saying they were checking the person's blood to see if it contained any illegal substances.
I wonder did they find anything.
Of course we never heard.
The deaths at the side of the road seem particularly poignant to me after my experiences with Sergeant James Dominic O'Mara in the town of Naas last Novemember.
This corrupt thug flung a photograph on the ground from my wallet, then compelled me to stand in the rain in a tee shirt while he shouted in my face; "You should know that light is gone."
This debased scruff claimed he thought I'd stolen my own car ever after I'd given him my name, driver's licence, tax disc and insurance details.
This incompetent swine refused to answer my questions.
This grotesque clown smirked when I asked him how much trouble I was in, replying: "That depends on what attitude the Judge takes."
He obviously knew something about the Judge that I didn't know.
This disgusting lout summonsed me to court for the crime of allowing my car light to fuse on the wettest night of the year, a court where a Lebanese Judge going by the monnicker Desmond Zaidan fined me 200 Euro.
In Lebanon of course the police are permitted to kill people as long as they chant Allah U Akbar when they do it.
So a Lebanese Judge fined me 200 Euros because Sergeant James Dominic O'Mara didn't know how to say: "Get that light fixed sir."
You can understand why I'm not surprised that the Guards are inducing heart attacks in citizens at the side of the road.
We've had another "interesting death" where a man was found dead at the rear of a church on Thomas Street in Dublin, having earlier been arrested by the cops and released just in time to expire.
We've had even more people who were arrested, beaten to a pulp in custody, and then brought to hospital to meet their maker.
That is to say they died in hospital not actually in the cells.
There was even one man, a traveller, whose family maintain the police electrocuted him with a cattle prod with the net result that he too shuffled off this mortal coil.
He's dead anyway, whatever the hell they did to him.
One of the guys who died this week was a traveller also and was brought from the cells to hospital to die.
What is it about travellers?
It's not a crime.
To be a traveller I mean.
It's not actually against the law.
There's no death penalty for it anyway.
And even if there was, no country on earth, not Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe, not the Islamic Republic of Iran, not ephin Saudi Arabia, no country permits its police to execute citizens at the side of the road.
Then there have been the odd little deaths where people who'd had difficulties with the police died in car chases.
One police officer who was involved in just such a death told the court enquiry into the matter, that he was leaving Ireland to make a new life for himself.
He informed the court he would be going to Western Australia to take up a new job as, wait for it... a police officer.
I hope the people of Western Australia know what they're letting themselves in for.
Here is the news.
The Irish police, styling themselves An Garda Siochana, have previously been investigated by the United Nations Rapporteur On Human Rights for deliberately omitting people from the Deaths In Garda Custody Statistics which the Irish police are required by law to keep and publish annually.
People were dying at the hands of Garda Sean Hardman and his henchmen but their names weren't in the statistics.
The excuse eventually offered was that the dead men might have been assaulted in Garda custody but they had expired off the premises, either in a hospital or elsewhere.
Hilarious no.
The thugs of the Irish police force have in the space of a few years overturned 90 years of trust between the public and the police.
Nobody trusts them now.
Because they're out of control.
None of them ever get convicted.
There has been no prosecution of any police officer in Ireland relating to the burgeoning deaths in custody that are taking place at the hands of An Garda Siochana.
Still the bodies keep mounting up.

The Irish police force is institutionally and individually corrupt.
The Irish police are committing murder with impunity.


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