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Saturday, April 10, 2010

intelligence briefing... the assassination of lech kaczynski the president of poland and one hundred members of poland's political establishment

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In view of the recent behaviour of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (whom I normally refer to as President Putin because he is currently for all intents and purposes absolute master of Russia) we must view with particular concern the circumstances of the plane crash which killed the President of Poland, the First Lady of Poland, and a hundred other human beings, today.
Mr Putin has been resovietising Russia, in the sense that he is moving it steadily towards a posture of renewed enmity with the West.

Since the year 2000, elements of the Russian security apparatus have: (1) Attempted to poison the President of Ukraine. (2) Gerrymandered an election in Ukraine to return a Russian puppet as Head of State. (3) Invaded Georgia and detached two regions from it for effective incorporation into Russia. (4) Sponsored similar separatist breakaway regions in other countries, ie Transdniestria's bolt from Moldova and Azerbaijan's attempts to detach Nagorno Karabakh from Armenia. (5) Assassinated a leading critic of Mr Putin's in London using the Polonium 90 isotope as poison.

There have been other incidents of perceived enemies of Mr Putin, whether politicians, journalists or businessmen, in neighbouring countries and in Russia itself, being murdered.

We must conclude that there is a significant possibility that today's crash of the passenger jet which killed the President of Poland, his wife and one hundred other human beings was not an accident.
We must consider what I believe is the high likelihood that the whole ceremony at Katynn where Russian Prime Minister Putin was in a most improbable manner due to express regret for Stalin's murder of 22,000 Polish officers during World War Two, that this whole ceremony was proposed and then staged, merely to get the Polish President and senior Polish political and military figures, onto Russian soil together for assassination.
The Polish President Lech Kaczynski was a pro Western Europe, pro American, strongman figure, and a perceived enemy of Vladimir Putin's.
I repeat.
In these circumstances there is in my view a substantially high probability that the ceremony of atonement for Katynn attended by Prime Minister Putin, was a lure to bring the pro Western Polish President and upper echelons of Poland's pro Western political and military establishment, all together in the one spot, in this case an aeroplane, where they could be conveniently targeted by Russian assassins.
Be aware.
The downing of the jet amounts to the decapitation of an entire political class in Poland.
The pro Western strongman President of Poland, his advisers, his army chiefs, and his immediate entourage are all now dead.
The surviving Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk is a pro Russian leftist.
A communist by any other name would be a communist indeed.
This means that overnight, Poland has moved from being a firm friend of the West into the pro Russian, pro Putin camp.

If I am correct President Lech Kaczynski was the primary target.
If I am correct, Mr Putin and his security apparatus have murdered a hundred people just to get at one person.
And one country.

My analysis is that the downing of the aeroplane was an executive assassination of the President of Poland, with the real target of the assassination concealed amid the one hundred incidental murders of the other passengers on the plane.
But those murders weren't entirely incidental.
By wiping out Poland's pro Western elite, Mr Putin and his assassins might be said to have killed one hundred birds with one missile.
The plane crash which killed the President of Poland today was an assassination carried out by elements of the Russian security apparatus at the behest of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
If I am correct Russia is in the hands of psychopaths.
You need to call a meeting of the United Nations Security Counsel tonight.
And you need to act.


Blogger Adrienne said...

I'm with you. The whole thing is just too convenient...

12:06 AM  
Blogger philibuster said...

I like your hypothesis that the whole ceremony was a ruse to get them all on the same plane.

As some of us know, history didn't end after WWII.

10:16 PM  
Blogger kreosol said...

No gevernment in the world ever sits the military high brass, the heads of government and the banking elite in one and the same old airplane.

The person(s) who took the decision to do so is to blame, and it wasn't Putin!

If having done so and taking this risk was not ab act of utter stupidity then it was an act of sabotage by someone well-placed within the polish establishment, the one that organised the trip.

10:18 PM  

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