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Saturday, April 10, 2010

battle beneath the planet of the archbishops

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's coup d'etat within the Irish Catholic Church has not gone entirely according to plan.
To date most of the Bishops he targeted for humiliation and eviction from office, are still in place.
The mild mannered Cardinal Sean Brady whom he likewise vengefully targeted for destruction, is also still in place, and showing what Archy must think is a most unexpected steeliness, courage and resolve.
The faithful, ordinary Catholics all over Ireland, are also still in place, not boycotting the Catholic Church or the sacaraments or the collection plate, as urged to do by Archy's media allies, pious hypocrite John Cooney of the Irish Independent and the self professed atheist Patsy McGarry of the Irish Times.
The faithful indeed are no longer so impressed to see The Irish Times and Independent Newspapers and RTE, all famously anti Catholic organisations, engaged in near continuous euologies to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
And the general public, Catholics and non Catholics alike, are no longer so impressed to see the same four sex abuse victims continually paraded across newspaper columns and television screens calling for the complete banning of the Catholic Church while endorsing Archbishop Diarmuid Martin as the only man who really understands them.
The war has bogged down.
The liberal media are looking to break the stalemate with new investigations from anti Catholic members of Ireland's overpaid unregulated Judiciary, feminists like Judge Yvonne Murphy, or property owners like Judge Coughlan whose premises in Naas house a drug dealer's shop, and others of their ilk, whose sole contribution to Ireland has been to allow murderers and crime gangs to terrorise the general populace and run our towns as personal fiefdoms.
But I digress.
The war has bogged down.
The Catholic Church has not evaporated as its atheistic enemies hoped.
Nor has the Catholic Church allowed the usurping liberal Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to subsume it to himself.
The media maintains its propaganda.
But it is joyless now.
They know they're out in the open.
Haemhorraging readers.
Right where we can all see them.
The Irish Times lost a hundred million quid last year.
That's after they'd played every accountancy trick in the book to conceal their real losses.
Independent Newspapers currently owes its creditors billions of dollars.
They know a few accountancy tricks too.
But the tricks ain't working anymore.
The media groups of the Republic of Ireland are sinking beneath the waves, the clapped out hedonists of Independent Newspapers, and the sad eyed occasionally sincere hate filled marxists of the Irish Times, sinking beneath the waves giggling anti Catholic platitudes as the waters close over them forever.
Not so much rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
More insisting that the deck chairs stay in exactly the same place as they go down.
Goodbye Irish Times.
Goodbye Independent Newspapers.
And still you can hear the last whispers of their propaganda.
Their last paeans in service of satan as they die.
The great Patsy McGarry last week quoted one supposed sex abuse victim who said the Catholic Church was a Nazi organisation and must be expelled from the country.
Patsy McGarry of course failed to point out that the Nazis themselves had expressly sought to eliminate the Catholic Church in just the same way and using just the same tactics as this supposed sex abuse victim.
Patsy McGarry doesn't get involved in speaking anything so arcane as the truth.
Goodbye Patsy McGarry goodbye.
Let me know if it's warm down there.
The media groups are finished.
And the people of Ireland are starting to figure out what's been going on.
For Archbishop Diarmuid Martin it must be an intensely frustrating time.
The power vested in him by Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, and RTE has proved to be of no avail.
Their counsels were maxims of straw.
What profiteth an Archbishop if he seeks to hijack a church through a diabolical alliance with atheistic liberals and then loses his immortal Archbishop's palace.
Well you know what I mean.
Why it's almost like the wheels are coming off the wagon.
Goodbye Archy goodbye.
You have hung around to long for any good you have been doing.
In the name of God, go.


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