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Saturday, April 10, 2010

the best among us

Yes it's the Heelers Awards.
The annual prize ceremony recognising the best in County Kildare.
1. Newbridge Silverware and the Cafe Des Beaux Parvenus. Because the parking is free. Everywhere else in Newbridge and Naas, customers are punished with ridiculous parking fines and disgraceful illegal clamping operations.
2. Alice's Restaurant, Naas. A cafe near Main Street where you can regularly hear the ancient Irish language spoken.
3. Al O'Donegans Electrical, Naas. Very courteous staff.
4. Bradburys Cafe, Newbridge. A sexy young one from the Video Store eats her lunch here.
5. Des Egan, poet, classicist. A living national treasure, master of the written word.
6. Josephine Hardiman, artist, calligrapher from Punchestown. A living national treasure, mistress of visual elegies.
7. Siobhan Patterson Murphy, Kilcullen. An actress of rare ability who has just given the performance of her life in a play that disgusted me.
8. Shane McGrath. Actor, singer, song writer, genius.
9. The Camphill Community, Kilcullen. Agricultural and crafts centred community where special needs and able bodied volunteers work together to celebrate life and learn from each other. I was there on Friday and got electrocuted while trying to climb into a hen pen to play with the chickens.
10. The Leinster Leader. Ha, ha. This one's a joke.


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I would find it very interested to hear the old Irish language spoken.

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