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Thursday, April 08, 2010

jihadis tramps and thieves

A Qatari diplomat in the United States has just attempted to down a jet liner full of people on a flight out of Washington by setting fire to explosives in his shoes.
Apparently Barack had issued an unofficial and unpublicised order that diplomats from Jihad and Al Qaeda supporting countries are not to be searched like the rest of us when boarding planes.
Brilliant Barack, brilliant.
Letting Jihadis board planes without being searched.
Why it's bloody marvellous.
Searching grannnies and toddlers.
But not Jihadis.
Truly brilliant Barack.
Like your decision to let the Jihadis out of Guantanamo Bay.
Or your drawing down of troops in Iraq so that our enemies can snatch that country back into terror and redouble their efforts in Afghanistan.
Or your dithering over sending soldiers to any of the Islamist war zones so that our enemies can have a genuine opportunity to reset the clock to pre Nine Eleven.
Brilliant Barack.
Seriously though.
You're doing a brilliant job.
Another Nobel peace prize in the post no doubt.
The Nobel Prize Committee just loooooooves appeasers.
So a Qatari diplomat to America figured he owed it to himself to murder a few hundred Americans.
It will be interesting to watch Sky News reportage of this latest Jihad attack on America and the Free World.
It should be a hoot.
Sky's major advertiser is Qatar Airways, the personal property of the Royal Family of Qatar.
The Royal Family of Qatar finances the Nazi channel Al Jazeera.
How on earth could Sky ever risk their revenue stream by reporting in appropriate tones of ringing condemnation this latest Qatari treachery against us all?
Here's my analysis.
They won't.
The lead stories on Sky today will be about some pedestrian in Glasgow who fell off a wall, or some Shropshire tulip grower who thinks he's seen a Yeti, or some thrill a minute read from the pre election press release maunderings of one or other of Britain's duck billed platitudinous political parties.
Maybe, just maybe, Sky will venture into War On Terror reporting with yet another funereal announcement about the death of a British soldier in Helmand Province.
Certainly there'll be no details on Taliban and Al Qaeda losses in Iraq and Afghanistan.
There never is.
Such details might mislead the public into thinking we're at war with a fanatical Muslim Terror Army.
Sky will continue with their hypocrasy.
And the Al Qaeda loving Royal Family of Qatar will continue to sponsor Sky News.
Right up until the moment we all put a stop to them.

Update 5.19am: Both Sky News and France 24 are reporting that the Qatari diplomat attempted to set fire to his shoes "for a joke." Translated into genuine journalism this cretinism means the Qatari diplomat Al Qaeda agent was on a panic sowing mission. The Al Qaeda panic sowing mission will have been successful in causing fighter jets to be scrambled and the passenger plane to be diverted. In Barack's America that means the Qatari diplomat Al Qaeda agent Mohammed Motadi Al Giggles can expect a grand total of nought punishments, with full retention of his rights and privileges to pose as a diplomat while engaging in further Al Qaeda activities on American soil.


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