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Friday, April 16, 2010

letter from a young hindu

From: Divyavibha Sharma.
perfect love is love and hate.
perfect love is love and fear.
perfect anything has within it imperfection and the shadow.
like yin and yang.
when you embrace the light the darkness comes along.
now, most people want to deny darkness and then forever question why God who is all perfect also created evil. But God is evil too.. he is everything. How does God know everything and not know that he has created evil in the world.. well, God is all knowledge, so if we have knowledge of evil that is God.. and we have to embrace this knowledge not deny it and push it into the often unused corners of our brains.
We need to sit with our pain. Collect it and transform it. Not actively, nothing we need to run around for. But energy when paid attention to, when noticed is always transforming. All we need to know is at what stage is this energy and how is it changing into what.
A large part of our life, I feel, is designed to witness. An ideal life would be fartherest away from our habits of civilisation, in honesty of oneself. far from gestures of politeness but closest to complete honesty and truth of our being.
So much of our lives goes training ourselves to do things we dont want to do.things that are far from our nature. We think this is civilisation, we think this is progress.

i could go one forever.

but i'll end here.
bon dia.
lotsa love,
James to Divyavibha.
Gentle Dibya.
I have been meditating on your letter throughout the day.
God is love.
And Jesus is God.
This is all I have to say to you.
I see the whole world full of the love of God. I see everything in existence pointing to him. People, mountains, cities, skies, oceans, experiences, challenges, countries, literature, art, poems, philosophy, animals, all draw me to the heart of God. Evil has to work terribly hard to spoil things. If it slips up even for a moment, our hearts fill with love and joy and grace and light and holiness and beauty and truth.


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