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Thursday, April 15, 2010

the memo

I do not accept that I will be required to pay the debts of Anglo Irish Bank.
I do not accept that the Irish people will be required to pay the debts of Anglo Irish Bank.
I do not accept that unborn generations of the Irish nation shall in perpetuity be required to pay the debts of Anglo Irish Bank.
Anglo Irish Bank is a gangster bank.
Anglo Irish Bank is the personal bank for members and associates of the corrupt kleptocratic governing party Fianna Fail.
This is the sole reason why Fianna Fail has concealed the identity of borrowers and shareholders in Anglo Irish Bank while signing up the Irish nation to pay off Anglo Irish Bank's gambling losses and thieving losses.
The only people paying Anglo Irish Bank's debts should be Anglo Irish Bank officials and their associates.
Anglo Irish Bank was never more than a niche bank.
Anglo Irish Bank was not one of the Big Three banks in Ireland, namely Allied Irish Bank, Bank Of Ireland and Ulster Bank.
There was no reason to save it.
It was not saveable.
There is no excuse for Fianna Fail's invidious decision to use the Irish nation to bail out Anglo Irish Bank.
There is no excuse for Fianna Fail overnight choosing to spend Ireland into the Third World by accepting open ended debts from the gangster institution Anglo Irish Bank a bank which had already failed and could not be rescued.
The largest bank bail out by President Obama in America was 46 billion dollars to Citibank.
Fianna Fail's manipulation of the Republic of Ireland into accepting Ango Irish Bank's debts now incurs losses approaching those of Citibank.
The total losses which Fianna Fail has signed the Irish people up for in Fianna Fail's corrupt attempts to save Fianna Fail's corrupt niche gangster Anglo Irish Bank may yet exceed 100 million dollars.
No ceiling has been placed on the debts which Fianna Fail has compelled Irish people to cover on behalf of Anglo Irish Bank.
It is deeply disquieting that Alan Dukes, a former leader of Ireland's main opposition party Fine Gael has accepted from Fianna Fail the job of running Anglo Irish Bank at the expense of the tax payer, the citizenry and the unborn generations.
The fact that Alan Dukes has been given the top position in Anglo Irish Bank implies that the opposition Fine Gael party and the corrupt governing party Fianna Fail are at certain levels one party.
In other words, Irish democracy has been short circuited by a hidden elite.
I want Alan Dukes out of that job and all moneys he has received in that position to be repaid.
I want the illegal inculpation of the Irish people by Fianna Fail for the multi billion dollar thievery of Anglo Irish Bank to be repudiated.
I want the assets of all managers, officials, senior employees, legal staff and accountants employed by Anglo Irish Bank over the past twenty years, to be seized by the State.
I want the corrupt management of Anglo Irish Bank, and the corrupt management at the banks which helped Anglo Irish Bank to conceal its billion dollar thievery, ie Irish Life and Permanent, and Trustees Savings Bank, to be interned without trial and their assets to be seized.
I want the State bail out of the bigger banks, Allied Irish Bank and Bank Of Ireland, the ones who operated an illegal cartel for fifty years, the ones who tried to corner the property market through a vile alliance with criminal property developers, the ones who declared false billion dollar profits for the past two decades through accountancy tricks, to be anulled.
Let them pay their own gambling losses.
Let's end the rulership of all these corrupt gangsters and their media acolytes.
We'll have to live a little poorer maybe.
We can do it.
We can build a fairer more participatory more cultured more egalitarian more genuinely pro business more genuinely free society.
A Christian society.
Let's not be their farm animals any more.


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