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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a busy week for vladimir putin

The Rise Of The Assassins.

Day One: Goverment of Kyrgizstan overthrown. The country has been the location of a primary American airbase supporting operations in Afghanistan against the Taliban.

Day Two: A plane carrying the President of Poland and a hundred of Poland's most powerful and most influential people, including the army chief, a Bishop and leading Solidarity figures, veterans of the struggle against communism, crashes in Russia. The pro democracy leadership, the very conscience of Poland, is decapitated. All lives are lost.

Day Three: Russian Judge Eduard Chevashov is gunned down in Moscow. CNN and Sky News report that he has recently passed verdicts against murderous skinhead gangs. CNN and Sky News omit to mention that Judge Chevashov had also been investigating members of the Russian secret service for corruption.


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