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Sunday, October 03, 2010

dances with waitresses

"What are you thinking?" asked Natassia in a seductive voice.
"I'm wondering if Vladimir Putin is going to reabsorb Latvia into a resovietised Russia," sez me.
"He isn't," promised she.
"Well that's good," sez me.
"He's only going to take the parts with Russian speakers."
"He's not going to take all of Latvia."
"But you're telling me he's going to take some of it?"
"Yes, the bits that are ours."
"And Russians know about this?"
"Of course we do."
"And you're not afraid?"
"Oh you don't understand."
"I understand that if Putin starts taking over countries on Russia's borders, then the friendship between Russia and the rest of the world is over. Your friends will be Iran and Al Qaeda and the Muslims and that's it. And you know what? Eventually the Muslims will turn on you just like Hitler did. Because they're nobody's friends."


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