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Monday, October 11, 2010

the results of the heelers enquiry into the death of linda norgrove

Every time Al Qaeda kidnaps someone, Al Qaeda becomes responsible for whatever happens to that person after the kidnapping.
If the person starves to death, Al Qaeda is responsible.
If the person falls and breaks her neck, Al Qaeda is responsible.
If the person has her head hacked off by the Jihadis, Al Qaeda is responsible.
If the person is killed in a valiant rescue attempt by our soldiers, Al Qaeda is responsible.
You never casually ascribe guilt to our soldiers, as Sky News is doing this evening, when our soldiers have just risked their lives trying to rescue someone from Al Qaeda.
You never call the rescue mission a "botched raid" as Sky News is doing this evening, when our soldiers have just displayed uncommon valour in entering the mouth of hell to try and save the hostage.
You never under any circumstances crow about the fate of an Al Qaeda kidnap victim, as Sky news is doing this evening in deliberately manipulating reportage of her death to invalidate the entire struggle against Muslim terror.
You don't put anyone on trial for the death of  a hostage seized by Al Qaeda except the Muslim murderers who took her.


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