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Saturday, October 09, 2010


Maurice Nelligan is dead.
He styled himself as some sort of a doctor.
He is currently being eulogised in Ireland's liberal leftist atheistic media who claim that as well as being some sort of a doctor, he was also some sort of a Christian.
It's always a bad sign when the cabal that is Ireland's cravenly irreligious and bigotedly anti Catholic Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE, start praising supposed Christians.
The ones they praise are never really that Christian.
Maurice Nelligan's supposed Christianity served the Irish Times well in that by allowing them to publish a column he wrote in return for cash money, he helped the Irish Times editorial board conceal their venal Marxian detestation of the Son of the Hebrew God.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
My assessment of Maurice Nelligan requires one sentence.
He was a plush bottomed self satisfied self worshipping doctor.
If you see inherent merit in any of those things, then you should join with those who praise him.
The media are praising Maurice Nelligan for sundry supposed accomplishments during his medical career.
They are also praising him for his column in the Irish Times which they say was an important piece of advocacy on behalf of hospital patients.
For all his supposed advocacy on behalf of patients there are some glaring gaps in his supposedly courageous moral stances.
For instance.
He never condemned the growing and now exponential power of the Marxian atheistic trade union movement within Irish hospitals.
He never condemned the ridiculous pay increases our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government were giving to doctors and nursies and health board staff.
These pay rises along with the electoral bribe pay rises Fianna Fail paid to teachers and police officers and civil servants, have done more to bankrupt the country than the criminal thieving asset stripping piracy practiced by Sean Fitzpatrick, Gillian Bowler and all the other bankers.
(Wankers surely? - Ed note.)
Maurice Nelligan never pointed out that the wages being paid to Irish doctors and nursies for their supremely lackadaisical services were making it all but impossible to provide any adequate medical services to the general public.
Maurice Nelligan never highlighted the attempts by nurses and doctors to exclude volunteer workers from helping with handicapped and mentally retarded patients, something the nurses and doctors were doing simply because the nurses and doctors were intent on capitalising all care for handicapped and mentally retarded people, in effect engineering a situation whereby Christians can no longer help out in hospitals, while handicapped and mentally retarded people are deprived of the healing balm of pure love because the only people let within an asses roar of them are wrap the red flag round me Bolshevick Marxist atheists from the nursies and doctors trade unions.
He never pointed out that the present generation of nursies and doctors were paid vastly more cash in real terms than their Mammies and Daddies had been, each one owning more cars and more houses than their Mammies and Daddies ever dreamed possible, and most tellingly taking more holidays and doing vastly less work than their Mammies or Daddies would ever have dared.
He never condemned cosmetic surgeons for their barbaric profiteering from the insecurity of women.
He did precious little to stop life in test tubes culture, condom culture, contraceptive pill culture, and abortion culture.
He never condemned bitch nurses treating patients like shite.
He never condemned, or highlighted, or even hinted at, the work to rule style behaviour of nursies whereby hospitals full of beds were being deemed to be without beds because the nursies were insisting on particular staffing levels for each bed on each ward and were simply refusing to allow patients into those beds unless their jobsworth style demands were met.
He always pretended that the waiting lists for important operations were caused by insufficient funding from our kleptocratic government rather than by the work to rule style behaviour from nursies and doctors.
He crassly concealed the inherent illogicality and the inevitable collapse built into socialist medicine whereby exponentially overpaid trade unionised staff continue to give an ever diminishing quality of service while demanding an ever increasing rate of remuneration for an ever more inhumane quality of care.
He never indicted the psycho bitch nurses and doctors who have delighted in humiliating people on the wards, both patients and visitors for the past thirty years.
He never blew the whistle on the dechristianisation of the health service.
He never blew the whistle on the deaths of 200 children in Health Board custody over the past decade.
And you know what folks.
If I knew about those deaths, he knew about them.
He never indicted medical professionals, nursies and doctors, for their deliberate indifference to citizens at the Accident And Emergency wards where 70, 80 and 90 year old patients were being routinely left on trolleys or sitting in chairs, waiting for life saving treatment for days.
As far as he was concerned every problem in the health service was down to a lack of free money from the heros of Fianna Fail who were, truth be told, already drowning the health service in cash which they didn't have and were borrowing against future generations of Irish people from international banks, who as it now transpires, didn't have it either.
He never condemned the Health Boards for quietly sneaking Irish children over to England for abortions after those children had been raped by Health Board staff in Health Board care.
He never condemned the crass mercantilist atheism of Health Board chief Brendan Drumm.
He never condemned the Health Boards for the murders and child rapes and violations taking place in dechristianised Irish hospitals, in particular the cases involving Nurse Mulholland and her friends butchering citizens in Naas Hospital, the cases involving Michael Shine sexually abusing children in Drogheda Hospital, and the cases involving Michael Neary and another doctor (who is now on the run in Scotland) deliberately maiming women on the operating table in Drogheda Hospital.
Maurice Nelligan's supposed advocacy for patients was always about demanding more money from our morally dessicated Fianna Fail government, a government too amoral to say no to him, extorting through faux compassion ever larger tranches of readies for incompetent loutish lazy lousy and cruel nursies and doctors who were already wallowing in a sea of cash while humiliating patients on a daily basis.
I do not see anything to admire in the life or journalistic advocacy of Maurice Nelligan.


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