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Sunday, October 10, 2010

war on terror chortles

1. Pakistani Taliban Al Qaeda Jihadis have just murdered Linda Norgrove the English aid worker they kidnapped a few weeks ago from Afghanistan. Her murderous Muslim kidnappers are the fattest Jihadis in the Caliphate owing to the free food, clothes and money, which UN supporting idiots have been sending to them in Pakistan after a recent flood there.
2. A ship in the Baltic is on fire after an explosion on board. As usual news reports are claiming the fire started by accident. It is the second major ship borne accident in European waters to occur in the last 24 hours. Yesterday a Turkish owned vessel came close to sinking after a collision with a larger ship. The Turkish vessel was carrying toxic chemicals. The collision was an attempt to spill the chemical cargo into the English channel. These "accidents" are Al Qaeda attacks. (cf The recent devastation of forty square miles of central Europe by a chemical factory leak in Hungary.)
3. A near riot situation developed in Bermingham this evening after Muslims faced off against anti Muslim immigration protestors. The Muslims style themselves the Anti Fascist League. The anti Muslim immigration protestors are made up largely of football hooligans and black street toughs. It's ironic. The first ones to oppose the Muslims' hijacking of our laws, were our own lawless ones. Yes. Let it always be remembered that the first ones to stand up to the Muslims were football hooligans and black street toughs. They were the first ones to decide that Muslims were not going to be allowed to tell us what streets we could walk down in our own cities and towns. The rest of us had no stomach for the fight.
4. A Sky News report tonight referred to an incident last week in which Pakistani soldiers fired on American helicopters and were sent home to Allah for their trouble. That is to say the helicopters fired back and killed two or three of them. Of course tonight's Sky News report omitted to mention the fact that the Pakistani soldiers had fired first on the helicopters before the helicopters retaliated. Why on earth would Sky News omit such a salient piece of information? Is it possible that Sky News is now so anxious to preserve its revenue stream from the Royal Family Of Qatar (who also finance the Nazi channel Al Jazeera) that rather than risk the Royal Family Of Qatar pulling their Qatar Air advertisements, Sky News is now actively rooting for Al Qaeda?
5. As we go to press Muslim Jihadis are continuing their secessionist wars against Thailand, the Philippines, Putin's Russia, Communist China, and Democratic India.  Muslim wars of colonial expansion continue against Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and all across Africa. Muslim race wars continue in Somalia and Sudan. Muslim internal civil wars continue in Arabia and in every other majority Muslim country. Muslim wars of terrorist infiltration continue in America, Australia and Western Europe. The Muslims' ultimate war of would be extermination continues against the State Of Israel. Since the Muslims are at war with every country on earth, why on earth are we letting them move en masse into our countries? More immediately, why on earth are we still letting them onto aeroplanes?


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