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Saturday, October 09, 2010

a hundred billion dollars worth of journalism

A small Turkish owned Maltese registered cargo vessel has just collided with a huge commercial cargo vessel in the English channel.
The Turkish vessel weighs something around 6000 tons while the cargo ship weighs a colossal 179,000 tons.
The Turkish vessel was carrying a hugely toxic highly inflammable substance called Pygas or Pyrogas.
Sky News is culpably incorrect in reporting that the Turkish vessel was carrying gasoline.
I will wager Sky News is also culpably incorrect in reporting that the larger vessel struck the smaller one.
The salient feature of this story is that the smaller ship, carrying a dangerously toxic chemical in dangerous amounts, is Turkish owned.
My analysis is that Al Qaeda is now trying to engineer environmental disasters by staging such seaborne collisions.
More precisely stated: This was an Al Qaeda attack on the British Isles and Western Europe.
I would remind you of similar improbable accidents off the coast of Arabia and outside the Indian port of Mumbai earlier this year.
Fuel and toxic chemical carrying ships are equipped with radar and global positioning satellite guidance systems.
It's very difficult, almost impossible, for them to run into other ships by accident.
I would remind you of the still unexplained failure of a dam at a chemical factory in Hungary a few days ago and the consequent spillage of lethal pollutants over a vast swathe of Hungarian and Central European countryside, a toxic "accident" which now threatens to poison one of the continent's main waterways the River Danube.
I would further remind you of this year's as yet unexplained explosions on oil rigs and oil supply facilities in China and off the coast of the Southern United States.
I would also point to the simultaneous arson attacks on forests in Russia and Europe during the Summer and in Australia last Summer.
Al Qaeda really has been busy.
To date no report of the Turkish ship collision, other than this one, has mentioned the possibility that the collision is a Muslim Jihadi attack.


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