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Sunday, October 24, 2010

special guest artist annie fagan

for Lil

To see you


Surreal, unreal

Jigs, reels, time heals

On my knees

Praying, pleading

If only I could see you again


Sun down, moon up

Day slipping away

Heart heavy, throat shut

I'd breathe

If only I could see you


Jet planes, October rain

There you are in your picture frame

Humbled am I

A tot again

If only I could see


They ask where you went

Ryan, John and Kían

You are here and everywhere

The little ones want to know

If only I could


Real joy is knowing

Love, the answer

I'd remember

everything you said

If only


You did not take, nor ask

You gave

To one, to all

The original mother Buddha

My life's blessing





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