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Friday, November 18, 2011

the wages of child killing

Child killer Wayne O'Donoghue has received a settlement from two newspapers whom he accused of defaming him.
It looks like child killer Wayne O'Donoghue will die a rich man.
Profitable business this killing children.
The amounts paid to him in the latest settlements have not been disclosed.
We don't know how much the newspapers are paying him for the crime of defamation they are considered by Wayne O'Donoghue  to have committed against him in trying to let the public know what he'd done.
You all know where I stand on this.
I do not consider it possible to defame anyone who has murdered a child.
I want the newspapers of the Republic of Ireland to be free to say whatever they like about any such person.
The real and present danger in the Republic of Ireland bold readers is not that devil woshipping child murderers will be defamed, libelled or slandered, by our oh so cruel and insensitive newspapers, but that devil worshipping child murderers will be facilitated in retaining their liberty without public knowledge of what they've done, by fellow devil worshippers among the upper echelons in the judiciary, parliament, and police force of our society.
Childkiller Wayne O'Donoghue's obscene and egregiously unwarranted legal cases for defamation against the newspapers were pursued for him by a certain legal eagle lawyer about town called Frank Buttimer.
No doubt Frank Buttimer also made a killing (financial) in the present case through the limitless sums of cash his client child killer Wayne O'Donoghue will have lavished on him courtesy of the blank checques provided for child killer Wayne O'Donoghue from Ireland's corrupt Free Legal Aid system, ie courtesy of the tax payer but without the tax payer's consent.
We all financed child killer Wayne O'Donoghue's frivolously invidious and ultimately successful attempts to silence the press.
He sued a total of six media groups by the way.
The two that settled yesterday were the last on his list.
I wonder will he kill again.
We'll find out eventually I suppose.
Maybe he'll top another child if he spends all the money Frank Buttimer has vilely, crassly and disgracefully obtained for him through manipulation of the laws on defamation.
Whatever happens one thing is certain.
 Wayne O'Donoghue and Frank Buttimer just keep getting richer and richer.
And the family of the child Wayne O'Donoghue killed just keep getting less and less justice.
Ah yes.
The wheel is rigged and it's the only game in town.
The ridiculous charge of defamation which the newspapers unfortunately admitted to by settling with child killer Wayne O'Donoghue was of the following order.
That is to say it took place within the framework of the following incontestable facts.
Wayne O'Donoghue killed Robert Hollohan.
Robert's mother Majella in her original victim impact statement to the court, pointed out that several important and disturbing facts had been inexplicably kept out of the court proceedings.
Among the facts she outlined was the presence of sperm on her dead child's body.
Wayne O'Donoghue, who killed her child, then sued the newspapers for defamation through Mr Frank Buttimer, alleging that he was defamed by any newspaper reports of what Majella Holohan had said, which could be deemed to have suggested that the sperm on the child Wayne O'Donoghue admitting killing had come from child killer Wayne O'Donoghue.
You couldn't make it up.
Let's be clear.
The media groups did not defame child killer Wayne O'Donoghue.
Wayne O'Donoghue in killing a child is the only one who may be said to have defamed child killer Wayne O'Donoghue.
Everything else is frivolous legalism of a most debased and debasing kind.
Perhaps child killer Wayne O'Donoghue should now sue himself.
I'm sure a principled fellow like Frank Buttimer would take the case.
And Judge Liberal who gave him a scant few years in jail for his original child killing, oh Judge Liberal would surely hear the new action.
And we would all, all I say, all would be privileged to pay for it.


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