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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

an open letter to father joe

During your sermon, you told people at mass on Sunday night in the chapel at Newbridge that they were emerging from the shadows of an authoritarian Church.
I was the macho fellow in dark glasses who stood up, whipped off his glasses, glared meaningfully at the congregation, and walked out.
Let me tell you something.
The Church you call authoritarian is the church that endured two thousand years of persecution in order to hand on the faith intact to the present generation.
The Church you call authoritarian saw off the Nazi's, the communists, the Islamists and every two bit dictator of history who sought to hijack our ancient faith.
The Church you call authoritarian never tolerated liberal Judges releasing serial killers into our streets, or exporting serial killers like Larry Murphy to Spain to let Spanish Mammy's and Daddy's worry about where he'll strike next.
The Church you call authoritarian never bowed to the abortionists.
The Church you call authoritarian never colluded with the corrupt Irish Government, Police, Judges, and Media who concealed teenage devil worshipper Lorcan Bales' satanic ritual slaughter of a child called John Horgan in the attic of Bales family home in Dublin in 1973. Nor did the Church you call authoritarian collude with the subesequent abandonment of court proceedings and inquests in the case, nor with the inexplicable decision to release Bale and export Bale to England with a new identity so only English Mammy's and Daddy's would have to worry about who Bale's next sacrifice to satan might be. Nor did the Church you call authoritarian play any role in the nefarious decision by the corrupt Irish Police and Courts Service, not to give hard target interrogations to the Bale family over the actions of young Junior, to wit the failure to ask even the most modest questions as to how a sixteen year old could be so adept at the practice of satanism and as to how that same sixteen year old could be slaughtering children in the Bale family home supposedly unbeknownst to other family members. Nor was the Church involved in the decision to allow the Bale family to move home to another part of Dublin without even the slightest warning being given to their new neighbours. Nor was the Church in any way involved with the invidious decision not to report the cruel slaughter of John Horgan in any Irish newpaper, radio or television station. There is in fact nothing in the entire history of the (what you call authoritarian) Catholic Church worldwide over the past two thousand years to match the cover up of Lorcan Bale's merciless slaughter of John Horgan, this most crass, vile, venal and corrupt cover up perpetrated by the  government, liberal Judges, overpaid Police, and pious Media of the Republic Of Ireland from 1973 right up to the present day. And continuing as we speak.
The Church you call authoritarian never acquiesced to the distribution of abortion pills to children, a practice that has been introduced at Irish pharmacies in the past month, with your specific acquiescence.
The Church you call authoritarian and the generations it served, never ran up multi billion dollar debts against the unborn generations merely to finance extortionate payrise for nurses, teachers, lawyers, cops, soldiers and uncivil servants.
The Church you call authoritarian never robbed us of our best and brightest by contrareceiving them.
The Church you call authoritarian never permitted the institutionalisation of murder through abortion.
The Church you call authoritarian isn't the one that failed to speak out as our atheistic political class, and Judiciary, and Media conducted show trials for ageing Bishops, deliberately contriving false criminality for the Bishops' over their attempts to handle sex abuse cases discreetly.
The Church you call authoritarian never looked the other way whilst the atheistic Media pornographied a generation of children through music video, film, advertising and magazines, disrupting their sexualities to such a profound extent that they have been veritably programmed for child abuse, deviancy and promiscuity before they even reached their teens.
The Church you call authoritarian never bowed to atheistic whoremasters in government, the Judiciary and Media, by accepting responsibility for crimes we never committed whilst failing to hold to account the same atheistic whoremaster government, Judiciary and Media for the explosion of sex abuse across our culture and society, and the at least 150 children's deaths in Health Board care over the past decade, which that same atheistic whoremaster government, Judiciary and Media have all but ignored.
The Church you call authoritarian, never handed Newbridge church over to RTE once a year, to allow RTE's atheistic choirs to transform our holy building into a shallow backdrop for their showboating attempts to pose as Christians at precisely they same time as they are engulfing Ireland in a tidal wave anti Catholic propaganda not the least of which is their perpetually false and invidiously recycled accusations against our beautiful, ancient, and true religion.
The Church you call authoritarian never allowed itself to be infiltrated by a Soviet era leftist called Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
The Church you call authoritarian never allowed an ex nun to stand at the altar in Newbridge Church and proclaim: "There'll be no priests in a few years."
The Church you call authoritarian never tolerated Gerard Moloney's faux religious magazines intended for teenagers being displayed at the back of the church in Newbridge with pictures showing a pop starlet styling herself Rhianna conducting bondage sex acts with male performers in one of her videos.
Need I go on?
Father Joe, I note that you have recently spoken to the defunct Leinster Leader newspaper (defunct because they fired me)  about problems relating to the ongoing financing of the local church in Newbridge.
Your comments appeared to be critical of practicing and non practicing Catholics vis a vis their donations to the collection plate.
The Leinster Leader published your comments on the cover of their defunct newspaper with the headline: "Pay Up - Priest."
I believe the defunct Leinster Leader put a spin on your comments which you never intended.
I believe the defunct Leinster Leader betrayed your confidence and deliberately misconstrued what your remarks in a vain attempt to bolster their declining, nay negligible, sales.
I would point out that the reason there is a shortfall in parish funding is that you supposedly non authoritarian Catholics have been spending money hand over fist on parish workers who in the past did not feel the necessity of demanding such remuneration from the hands of the evil authoritarian Catholics you so despise.
You will admit those authoritarians at least had some book keeping skills in an Ireland that was vastly poorer than we are but immeasurably richer in a certain sense, and clearly less inclined to acquiesce through cowardice or inertia to abortion, devil worship and/or limitless borrowing from idiot banks.
Father Joe, I would also counsel you, should you choose to ever have anything to do with the Leinster Leader again, that the Leinster Leader is not composed of nice people.
They're not like us Joe.
When you sup with the devil, you need to use a long spoon.
James Healy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you really walk out? You should have argued on the spot. Esse quam videre!Hear! hear!

7:51 PM  
Blogger heelers said...

Respect the man.
Respect his office.
Respect the ancient integrity of the Church.
After that...
Nil temere neque timore.

9:42 PM  

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