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Sunday, January 08, 2012

the monica leech bank in

Question: What is the difference between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael?
Answer: The famously corrupt and corrupting kleptocratic Fianna Fail party bankrupted the nation in order to bail out Fianna Fail's personal gangster bank, an entity styled Anglo Irish Bank. Anglo Irish Bank had gone bust with world record losses, losses exceeding the losses of the most corrupt American bank Citibank. Anglo Irish Bank went bust because Fianna Fail members, supporters and their allies in the gangster business sector, along with individuals on Anglo's board and in its employ, were giving themselves thousand million dollar loans which they could never hope to repay. Here's how it worked. When a bank official gave a loan of a thousand million dollars to a Fianna Fail supporter, the Fianna Fail supporter would then give the bank official a hundred million for himself under the table. When the bank finally went bust through this institutionalised and systematic thievery by its own Board of Management and employees, and their allies in Fianna Fail, the ultimate coup de main swung into play. Fianna Fail Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan bankrupted the nation and the next fifty generations of Irish people in order to keep this defunct gangster bank in existence. It is interesting to note that Brian Lenihan who died shortly after his treasonous hijacking of the future of our nation, was married to Circuit Court Judge Patricia Ryan. Other Judges we might mention here are Judge Eamon DeValera a direct descendent of Fianna Fail's founder who was also called Eamon DeValera, and Judge Leonie Reynolds in the High Court who is a daughter of former Fianna Fail low life Prime Minister Albert Reynolds. Clearly the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail party has attempted to insulate itself from public outrage about its theft of the nation, by colonising the Judiciary. The current parties of government in Ireland, who style themselves Fine Gael and Labour respectively, have also loaded the Judiciary with their supporters. The only difference then between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael is that Fine Gael having been elected to repudiate Fianna Fail's bailout of worthless Fianna Fail gangster banks, immediately compelled the citizenry to bail out a worthless Fine Gael gangster bank called Allied Irish Bank to the tune of virtually immeasurable billion dollar sums of telephone number borrowings. Having bailed out Allied Irish Bank for virtually limitless amounts of comically and cosmically unrepayable money, Fine Gael proceeded to purchase this worthless gangster entity styling itself Allied Irish Bank for an additional ten thousand million Euro which they again borrowed against future generations of Irish people. You gorra larf. Coincidentally, Allied Irish Bank's Board of Management includes an individual styling himself Lochlainn Quinn, who is a brother of the current Irish Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn, a lifelong self confessed atheistic apologist for the most invidious communist regimes worldwide. Lochlainn Quinn is famous for buying a French vineyard a few years ago for thirty million quid. Yes he had thirty million quid in his back pocket for buying vineyards even though there is nothing he can ever have done in his incomptent and corrupt career causing the collapse of Allied Irish Bank, nothing he has done I say, that would entitle him to be paid anything, let alone be paid so much that he has thirty million in loose change to be throwing away on French vineyards. These people should be in jail. Ruairi Quinn's Labour Party is in coalition with Fine Gael. And Fine Gael have proved themselves endlessly generous in bankrupting the citizenry in order to keep Lochlainn Quinn and his brother in the vineyards to which they have become accustomed. So the sole difference between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael is the difference between the word Anglo and Allied. The parties are of course united by the word scum.


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