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Thursday, May 31, 2012

the evil that judge liberals do

This one's a doozie.
A Dublin bitch was appearing before Judge Martin Nolan.
The Dublin bitch was carrying the Hiv virus.
Apparently she had picked up this virus through drug use.
The Hiv virus is the virus that becomes the Aids disease.
Politically correct pseuds will often insist on some ontological difference between the Hiv virus and the Aids virus.
They're the same thing at different stages of development.
The Dublin bitch was in court because she had knowingly tried to infect a Muslim man with her Aids virus.
The Muslim man was a security guard in shop where the Dublin bitch had been trying to steal a pair of boots.
The Dublin bitch attempted to give the Muslim man Aids by biting him when he quite reasonably attempted to restrain her at the location where she was attempting to steal a pair of boots.
As the Dublin bitch attempted to give the Muslim man Aids by biting him, the Dublin bitch screamed among things: "I'll infect you."
The court was not allowed to hear everything she screamed.
No Dublin bitch in the history of Dublin bitches has ever screamed such a thing without unleashing a tide of profanities as accompaniment.
The tide of profanities and the explicit nature of the Dubln bitch'es threats to the Muslim man as she bit him in an attempt to give him Aids, were scantily reported by the atheistic Irish media.
Judge Martin Nolan sentenced the Dublin bitch who had tried to give a Muslim man Aids by biting him, to a grand total of nothing.
Judge Martin Nolan gave this murderous drug addicted thieving Dublin bitch, a suspended sentence.
Consider another case.
Judge Martin Nolan is the same Judge Liberal who recently sentenced hard working family man Paul Begley to six years in jail over an argument with the tax man.
Paul Begley was charged with not paying the appropriate tax on garlic he had imported from Ireland from China.
The European Union is trying to kill the garlic trade with China and expects Irish importers to pay 250 percent tax on every bit of garlic they buy.
Mr Begley had supposedly paid the tax at the rate that is charged for apples.
For this Judge Martin Nolan sent him to jail for six years.
You couldn't make it up.
Mr Begley had been paying back the money which the tax authorities insisted he owed.
Mr Begley had been paying it back steadily at an agreed rate.
Mr Begley had missed no payments.
Mr Begley is said to employ a hundred people directly in his fruit and veg import business.
Mr Begley built up his business without billion dollar loans from idiot banks.
Mr Begley built up his business by walking the streets of Dublin, selling vegetables from a barrow.
Mr Begley is the father of four children.
Mr Begley has a wife.
Mr Begley has never assaulted, raped, accepted a billion dollar loan from a gangster bank, murdered, drug dealt, or bitten anyone.
As a citizen I say it again.
Mr Begley is not a criminal.
Mr Begley has broken no law.
Mr Begley has had an argument with the tax authorities.
As a citizen I consider the most dangerous criminal in both the cases I've described to be Judge Martin Nolan.
The tyranny of liberals is a tyranny no less, because it permits everything.
It permits everything apparently except temporary evasion of a European Union imposed tax on garlic.
I gotta ya.
If we let Judge Liberal jail people on this sort of pretext, there will be no law.
The law will cease to exist.
People will have to make their own law.
You know what.
Judge Martin Nolan has jailed a decent honorable hard working citizen for the crime of being an honest decent hard working citizen.
And just last week, Judge Martin Nolan has refused to recognise the murderous drug dealing criminality of a psychotic Dublin bitch who tried to give a Muslim man Aids by viciously clamping on to him with her teeth and holding on to him with her jaws as long as possible, while sneering specific threats to wit "I'll infect you."
Judge Martin Nolan let that murderous bitch loose because he felt sorry for her Dublin working class accent.
Her accent trumped the law.
I weep for my country.
The same Judge Martin Nolan who imprisoned Paul Begley for six years, the very same Judge Martin Nolan I say, has given a get out of jail free card to a Dublin bitch who was in his court for behaviour that amounts to attempted murder.
I want you folks to picture Judge Martin Nolan as the cartoon character known as The Hooded Claw from the old Penelope Pitstop television show.
Judge Martin Nolan is looking at you from the screen of this computer and he's laughing maniacally.
He's saying in his best hooded claw voice:
"Don't worry about your doom Ireland. I've already sealed it."
And then he laughs, and he laughs, and he laughs, and he laughs.
And he laughs.


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