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Thursday, May 24, 2012

what hath judge liberal wrought

A hot balmy continental night in the Republic.
I've just got off a Dublin tram.
It is the second time in my life I've been on the great white elephant of Irish society which is the Luas tram system.
All the way out from the city, I've watched as a psychoticised hoodlum threatened passengers, bawled obscenities at little girls, and mused aloud about his urge to kill everyone he could see.
"Yiz are rats. Yiz are foon rats. I'd kill yiz all. And I'd say I was insane. The CIA have a thing in my head. They know where I am. Kill yiz all. I'd kill everyone in Dublin. And I'd go free. Yiz foon rats. Yiz foon faggots. I'd kill yiz all."
For half an hour the citizens kept their heads down.
He approached and threatened two individually.
At no time did any Luas security staff enter the train.
We saw em preening and posing on station platforms, proud and gallant and idle in their shiny black flack jackets, as we passed through a couple of times.
They never got on board.
Everyone among the passengers kept their heads down while the psycho threatened and bawled and grew ever more unstable.
No security staff.
And of course no police.
Hilarious no.
Where indeed was Ireland's corrupt police force?
Here's where they were.
They were standing at the side of various roads harassing and intimidating law abiding motorists on their way home from work.
No cops on the Luas.
They were much too busy for that.
"Yiz foon rats. Yiz are all foon rats. I'd kill yiz. I'll plead insanity. Yiz foon rats. I'll blow up this town. There's a CIA thing in my head. Yiz foon rats."
Over the course of the journey he harassed at least two passengers to the point of violence.
The rest of us did nothing.
The psycho left the tram at a station called Rialto.
He kicked the tram as it pulled out of the station.
I saw him plainly then.
He was young and strong looking and utterly deranged.
Eyes full of a most unholy light.
I did not underestimate what I was seeing.
He looked like the possessed.
I was sure he'd killed before and would do so again.
I was sure various Judge Liberals had released him fifty times for a innumerable assaults and batteries and rapes and burglaries and anything else that came into his head to inflict on the rest of us.
It was clear too that a recent newspaper story had been much on the psycho's mind.
The news story has been on many people's minds recently.
A double murderer, had been treated with kid gloves by a Judge Liberal who had accepted the murderer's plea that he was insane at the time of his double murder and therefore not guilty of murdering either of the two people he'd murdered.
The double murderer had slaughtered a mother and daughter in the streets.
He had been a former boyfriend of the daughter.
Judge Liberal had refused to convict the double murderer of murder.
Judge Liberal instead insisted that the double murderer's insanity meant that the double murderer could not be said to have murdered the people he had murdered.
You couldn't make it up.
Judge Liberal assigned the double murderer to a mental hospital.
The double murderer escaped soon afterwards, fled the country, married an unholy Irish bitch in England, and a few years later came back to live within a mile of his victims family home in the British run jurisdiction of Northern Ireland.
The double murderer is now back in the Republic of Ireland trying to have himself declared sane so that he can seize property belonging to his own relatives.
And tonight on the Luas tram in Dublin, yet another psyhco was chanting the hymnal taught to killers everywhere courtesy of Judge Liberal.
"I'll foon kill yiz all. Yiz are rats. I'll say I was insannnnnnnnnnnne."
You know folks.
The murderers are bad enough.
But Judge Liberal is the greater murderer here.
The Judge Liberal that refused to call that double murder by its name, and released that double murderer into hospital care, that Judge Liberal murdered the victims a second time.
We must stop these maniacs.


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