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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Costa Cafe, Dawson Street in mid afternoon.
Miss Sicily looking adorable.
She's dressed in something splendid and purply.
I don't know why she bothers with the fashion statements.
She could model sack cloth.
Eyes wide and round she informs me: "James you were right. The Mafia didn't  bomb that school. How did you know?"
The noble Heelers endeavours modesty.
It is difficult for him.
"All the media were shouting Mafia," I tell her. "It just seemed to me like they were desperate to distract from the more likely possibility. I've never known the Mafia to kill school children. I'm sure they must have killed a few children at some stage in their long careers of barbarity but it's not their preferred barbarism. On the other hand in recent years Muslim Jihadis have been killing any Western kids they could get their hands on. Bombing schools is specifically at this moment in time the preferred barbarism of Muslim terrorists and of nobody else. We had IRA terrorism in Ireland for a hundred years. And the IRA were as unholy a bunch of slaughterers you could ever hope to meet. And in a hundred years of non stop terrorism, the IRA bombed a grand total of nought schools. School bombing is a Jihadi sport. While all our media groups were dismissing the Italian bombing story yesterday, marginalising it to their ticker tape, effectively ignoring it, and at the same time claiming most insistently when they did happen to mention in the midst of their pattycake reportage, insisting without any corroborative evidence at all I tells ee, that it was a Mafia murder, I couldn't help remembering that a few years ago Muslim Al Qaeda Jihadis had slaughtered hundreds of Russian kids in a single attack on a school. And only two months ago a Muslim Al Qaeda murderer executed three little girls in a Jewish school, along with a Rabbi, and three soldiers. By the way, the French still refer to that Muslim murderer as a serial killer. It's pure delusionalism. They'll call the killers anything but Muslims. This becomes peculiarly delusional in the cases where the child slaughtering Jihadis are obviously Muslims and nothing else. And I was thinking about Mayor Mike Bloomberg's similarly delusional statements the night Muslim Jihadis tried to blow up Times Square in New York. The Muslims had tried to burn ten thousand people alive in Times Square as revenge for a cartoon called South Park featuring a depiction of the Prophet Muhammed. The bomb was left within spitting distance of South Park's distribution company offices on Times Square. By the mercy of God, the bomb didn't detonate. And Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced to the world that the police were searching for a white man with a deep South United States accent. You couldn't make it up. This in spite of the closed circuit television footage showing a Muslim Paki planting the bomb. Mike Bloomberg's statement came back to me as the news reports came in yesterday insisting that the attack was a Mafia attack. I was also aware that the most pro Muslim Jihadi television channels, Sky News and CNN, were marginalising reportage of the Italian school attack. This was the biggest story in the world yesterday. At times Sky and CNN weren't even carrying it in their main news bulletins. There were occasional single sentence references to the attempted mass murder of school girls which again reported without attribution that the Mafia had attacked a school. Sky is famous for this sort of thing. We should remember that Sky's main revenue stream comes from the Jihadist royal family of Qatar who also finance the Nazi channel Al Jazeera. Sky is never even going to so much as mention the possibility that the attack on a school in Italy and the murder of a little girl fits the operating profile of Jihadis and no one else. Now that the Mafia is being ruled out, Sky and the other quisling delusional media groups are busy suggesting that defunct Red Brigades communist group might be responsible. Or else their fave rave type of terrorist, the lone serial killler. Or else they'll just ignore the story. I gotta tell you. To me the whole thing stank of Muslims from the word go. And it still does."


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