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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

archie coughs up sputum

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: (speaking in the anti Catholic Irish Times and anti Catholic Irish Independent) "I couldn't possibly comment on suggestions that Cardinal Sean Brady should resign... It would not be appropriate for me to comment on whether or not Cardinal Brady should resign... I have no comment whatsoever to make about whether or not Cardinal Brady should resign... I am not going to express any opinion at all about whether or not Cardinal Brady should resign."

James Healy: (speaking on this blog right now) "Archie, the problem with you continually reiterating in anti Catholic newspapers that you are not going to make any comment about whether or not you think Cardinal Sean Brady should resign, the problem with this I say, is that your repeated iterations of no comment to these anti Catholic shills, amount in themselves to a very specific comment, to wit, that you are calling on Cardinal Sean Brady to resign. For the record Archie, I am calling on you to resign. I put it to you, Archie, that you are a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church and that you have repeatedly colluded with anti Catholic media groups and shadowy leftist atheists lurking within what passes for the upper echelons of Irish society, in order to drive a generation of Bishops from office through the creation of a contrived and invidious assumption of guilt with regard to their handling of old sex abuse cases. I accuse you Archie of allying yourself with satan in an attempt to usurp ultimate power within Irish Catholicism. One day you will answer to my charges."


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