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Thursday, May 10, 2012

this week in the jihad

1. A Russian jet has crashed in Indonesia. The crash is unexplained. There were fifty people on board. The Russians were attempting to sell their new passenger jet to the Islamist Indonesians and the jet was engaged in a demonstration flight. Surprise surprise. The thing is a smoking wreck on the side of an Indonesian hill. Ironic considering Vladimir Putin has been so helpful in providing the Islamists of Iran with nuclear reactors. You'd think the Muslims would go easy on the Russians for a while. So Vladimir thinks the Jihad is solely a problem for America and Western Europe. Russian Communists made the same mistake during World War Two when they allowed Hitler to raise his first standing armies on Russian soil in contravention of international treaties. I predict that Mr Putin's alliance with modern Islam will backfire on Russia in just the same way his father's alliance with Hitler backfired on the Soviet Union.

2. Members of a Muslim crime gang in England have been convicted of the organised rape of non Muslim children. Concerns have been expressed in the British parliament that law enforcement authorities and the courts services motivated by a perverse pseudo political correctness sought to prosecute the case without taking into account that the rapes were specifically orchestrated for explicitly racist reasons by Muslims against non Muslims.

3. The CIA claims to have intercepted a Jihad attack against the United States. Early reports of the successful interception of a new Al Qaeda attack came via CNN and claimed that a Jihadi had been captured or killed. These reports of course proved false and are all the more inexplicable because at precisely the same time CNN was wrongly claiming Barack Obama had all but personally arrested and/or killed an Al Qaedi terrorist, Sky News was correctly broadcasting that no one at all had been arrested or killed. The only arrest in fact was that of an supposed underwear bomb. One silk knickers and one stick of gelignite which was handed over to the CIA by their own supposed agent. And this is what Barack's people are all over the media claiming to be the successful interception of an Al Qaeda attack. Yes. Barack had arrested a bomb. You couldn't make it up. No human being was detained. The bomb was handed over by a Muslim who is himself working for the CIA. When I heard these claimed details, I was reminded of the corrupt Irish police force's continual announcements of successful operations against drug dealers. No drug dealers are ever arrested. Consignments of cannabis are captured. And everyone in Ireland knows that our corrupt police force has a deal with the drug dealers whereby the drug dealers allow the police to find some drugs so that the police can claim to the public "look, look we're fighting drug dealers," while the vast majority of the drug dealers' drugs consignments are let through and there's positively no action, no convictions, no incarceration of major drug dealers in Irish courts whatsoever. I was reminded of all this, I say, when I heard Barack had captured a bomb with the help of a Muslim who is supposedly both a member of Al Qaeda and simultaneously working for the Americans. So basically Barack has intercepted a terrorist plot formulated by his own man (or someone he thinks is his own man) and has captured and killed a grand total of nought enemy agents. Hopefully the underwear and stick of gelignite which the CIA arrested will cooperate fully with the interrogators. It would be a shame to have to waterboard them.

4. More church burnings in Nigeria. Barely reported here.

5. George Galloway, former lobbyist for Saddam Hussein, and more recently a television presenter in the Islamic Republic Of Iran, has been elected to parliament in Britain.

6. Sky News has launched its major new network Sky Arabia. So now they can cheerlead for the Jihadis in their own language.


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