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Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Maeve Binchy is dead.
She now knows for sure whether her lifelong assertion that there is no God is true or not.
Of course after a lifetime proselytising in the anti Catholic Irish Times and elsewhere against the Catholic Church and in favour of abortion, contraception, divorce and anything else atheistic humanists cared to devise in their war against humanity, after a lifetime of this sort of atheistic Nazism, she was of course, of course, of course, buried with full honours in a plush fermourless almost limitlessly piously hypocritical faux Catholic Church ceremony in the Church of the Holy Liberal Atheistic Abortionists, Dalkey, Dublin, a ceremony conducted by tame defeated cowed priests before an audience of Maeve Binchy's closest most atheistic abortionist friends, tame priests who should be ashamed of themselves for lending their Church and our Religion to provide a backdrop for what amounted to a day out for the anti Catholic Irish Times, the anti Catholic RTE State monopoly broadcaster, the anti Catholic Independent Newspapers' management, staff and connections, the anodyne atheistic pseudo elites who have delivered Ireland, lock, stock and two smoking barrels, via their vitiation of Christian values, their championing of Muslim immigration, their repudiation of the rule of law per a Judiciary packed with Communists, Free Masons, and other lesser breeds without the law, delivered us I say, signed sealed and delivered, right to the gates of hell.
Maeve Binchy is dead.
It was a blessed release.
For all of us.


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