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Saturday, August 04, 2012

of muslims and men

"You are putting yourself in danger. And you are saying things about people that may not be true of them or that may not be true of all of them."
The words were those of Uncle Scutch.
He was once more engaged in that most peculiar endeavour known to social scientits as trying to protect me from myself.
"You are right about me putting myself in danger," I answered. "But tell me. How many Muslims do you know?"
"None," he said without hesitation.
I said nothing more.
Presently the Uncle said: "Maybe I'm too much of a coward."
I said: "That's not true at all. What you are is someone who right up until the moment Muslims seize power in this country, declare Sharia law, and begin forced exterminations, right up until that moment which is coming, you are someone who would insist on trying to see the good in them.".


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