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Friday, October 05, 2012

in time of the breaking of persons

I really don' think the Daily Mirror and its media accomplices will live to profit from their attempted ruination of the reputation of deceased media broadcaster Jimmy Savile.
People are developing a critical faculty about these things.
And even people who can't explain everything that is being alleged recognise that there is something vile in what the newspaper and broadcast media groups are doing.
A similar atmosphere now prevails in Western culture as once prevailed in Russia, China and Eastern Europe after those countries had atheistic communist revolutions imposed on them.
An atmosphere of score settling.
Or consider the case of France during its atheistic revolution of the 18th century.
Anyone could be accused.
Anyone could be accused of being a class traitor.
The accusation was enough.
The accusation meant death.
No reputation was safe.
This is where we are now with uncorroborated accusations of child abuse against dead celebrities.


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