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Monday, June 10, 2013

considerations of claims of healing at medugorje

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From: James Healy
To: Jeanne Marchetti USA 
Sent: Wednesday, 5 June 2013, 0:38:01
Subject: Re: from James Healy in Ireland

Good morning Mrs Marchetti.
I wrote to you a little while ago about Medjugorje.
I was inclined to publish one of your emails on my website without comment. It's the one below. I've been printing testimonies about Medjugorje this week.
Irish blessings and fond regards to you and yours.

From: Jeanne Marchetti
To: 'James Healy'  
Sent: Sunday, 17 February 2013, 13:58:44
Subject: RE: from James Healy

Hello James,
I believe with all my heart that the Blessed Mother appeared and is appearing in Medjugorje.
Though I never saw a miracle, I was given the privilege to take Margaret in the apparition room, an event that I will never forget.
It was on the 2nd day of our pilgrammage, just before the time when the children were to come and have the apparition. A priest stood on the landing of the steps leading to the library where the parish priest lived so that he could select people to be in the apparition room. He asked in broken English if anyone sick was in the crowd below. I raised my hand and all of our friends answered, "their baby is sick!" He pointed to Margaret and me and we walked up the steps. I realized my husband wasn't with me and I cried saying my husband is in the crowd and he needs to come with us because he is carrying the diaper bag. Gino was then allowed to join us and we walked in the room where there were maybe 20 people-some sick, and some clergy. We sat for a few minutes and the visionaries walked into the room saying prayers. I think they were saying the "Our Father."  They said a few "Hail Mary's" in Croation and then in the middle of the prayers, they looked up to the bookcase in front of them at about 8 feet and continued to talk or pray but they were silent. We could see that they were talking or praying because their throats and mouths were in motion as it is when one talks. Jakov and Ivanka kept their eyes fixed on the same spot for what seemed like a long time-maybe 10 minutes.
Before the visionaries entered the room, we looked down and Margaret had soiled her diaper so it needed to be changed. After changing the diaper we realized there were no clean pants in her diaper bag and she had no pants in a room which was cold. The temperature seemed to be in the high 40's or low 50's and Margaret was crying hard, so hard that some of the clergy seemed annoyed that she was disturbing their experience. I thought that Mary had invited us to come to Medjugorje so we stayed in the apparition room. Margaret kept crying even after the visionaries entered the room but after a few minutes I forget that Margaret was crying because I was so focused on Mary. Then  I began the prayer which I had prepared. It went something like this, "Mary, I am a sinner and I don't deserve a miracle for my Margaret. But we are both mothers and you understand the pain which comes with watching your child suffer. Please ask your son to heal Margaret. Please ask your son to heal Margaret."
Then I looked down at Margaret who had stopped crying. Her little legs looked like they were warming up and were now pink again instead of the whitish bluish color that you get in the cold. I looked at Gino and his cheeks were flushed like there was a heater in the room but the room was very cold. I felt heat as though there was a heater in front of us though there was only a bookcase which two children were kneeling in front of.  This heat is still unexplained but it was real.
We thought Margaret may have been cured but she wasn't cured. It was disappointing but we had a powerful experience in Medjugorje which is just a memorable 26 years later.
Please allow me to approve anything you write about me if you decide to write anything. Wayne wrote things which were not true and we were very saddened by this.
I forgot to mention that we met Rita Klaus, a school teacher from Pennsylvania, who was cured of MS. This cure is documented. I don't have her contact information but we met her and she is very humble and genuine.
I hope this helps.
God Bless you.
Jeanne Marchetti
From: James Healy 
Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2013 12:15 AM
To: Jeanne Marchetti
Subject: from James Healy
Dear Mrs Marchetti.
Thank you from my heart for your answer to my email.
If in the future I am writing about Medjugorje, would you mind if I published what you have told me?
I have written about Medugorje on my website The Heelers Diaries ( a few times but I've always refused to come to any conclusions.
I will certainly include your intentions in my prayers from now on.
I feel privileged that you shared so much of your story with me and I was delighted to hear that the Blessed Mother has become an inspiration to you, and that your daughter is about to be married.
God has truly blessed you.
You also seem to have some faith in the reality of the Medjugorje apparitions. Am I right in this? I find the apparitions fascinating, and was very soothed in the spirit by Mr Weible's book. But I have not discerned if the Blessed Mother is really appearing to the visionaries.
Your answer to my email made me wonder.
Has your attitude to Wayne Weible been altered by what has happened? I mean is he a dependable witness when he talks about miracles at Medjugorje?
Is his claim in The Message untrue that you rang him as he was preparing for an air trip and said: "Mary Margaret is well."
In the later editions of the book does he retain the same description of the events involving you and your family?
Tell me Mrs Marchetti, do you personally believe that Mary has appeared to the visionaries? Have you visited Medjugorje?
Lots of questions. Forgive me.
Thank you again for answering my email.
God's blessing with you and yours.

FOOTNOTE by James Healy: Protestant convert to Catholicism, Wayne Weible published a book in the early 1990's endorsing the genuineness of claims of apparitions at Medjugorje. Mr Weible seems to me to be likeable and honorable in his intentions. One item in the book implied that the Marchetti child had been healed of cystic fibrosis. Mr Weible's representatives have chosen not to correspond with me on these matters.


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