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Saturday, June 01, 2013

are miracles happening at medjugorje

An interesting contribution regarding Medjugorje came my way recently when Margaret Burke from the town of Dunlavin in Ireland told me about her experiences.
Seven years ago Margaret Burke visited Medjugorje with her then eight year old daughter Emma.
Her daughter had childhood athritis which meant she spent a lot of her time in a buggy.
When she walked she appeared hunched over and barely able to move.
Margaret maintains that unaided the little girl could only walk a few steps in a bent over posture.
"In the church at Medjugorje I felt my daughter tugging my arm," Margaret told me. "My daughter said that a voice was telling her she had to climb a mountain which had a cross on top of it. She said that every time the voice mentioned the cross, a cross lit up on her chest. I was thinking this is not going to happen. There is no way this child can climb a mountain. A man in our group came over. I didn't know him well. He said he had gotten a very strong feeling that my daughter was meant to climb the mountain. He said he could see Jesus waiting for her at the top, arms outstretched with big smile on his face. It was 8 o'clock at night. A bit late to be starting on this venture. We decided to get a taxi to the mountain. I was thinking we could take a few steps, say some prayers, and head home for tea. We got out of the taxi at the foot of the mountain. My daughter took a few wobbly steps and next minute she was gone like a rabbit up the mountain. We couldn't keep up with her. There are pictures of the Stations Of The Cross all the way up the mountain. We caught up with her again at the Fourth Station. We went on to the top of the mountain. Lightning started flashing all through the valley. It was spectacular. There wasn't a drop of rain. We could hear prayers rising up the mountain side from the Church far below. At the base of the cross on top of the mountain we found a postcard picture of Jesus with his arms wide and smiling, probably left by another pilgrim. It was incredible. The next day I said to my daughter: 'How did you do that?' She said: 'A way opened up for me, It was like I was sitting in a chair, dangling my legs and letting them skim over the ground. You should have gone the way I went Mammy and you would have got to the top quickly too.' It took my three years to throw away the buggy.  She never needed it again but I kept thinking maybe she'll need it someday. She plays GAA football and all sorts of sports, though she still has arthritis, and needs medication, and recently had to get an injection for her wrist. She's completely active. No longer crippled at all either in her walking or in her posture. One more thing happened. About three months after we came home from Medjugorje, we were praying the Rosary in the kitchen at home. I noticed my daughter's face go very peaceful and I could no longer hear words coming from her mouth. When we finished the prayer, she told me she had been away with Jesus and Mary and that Mary had said to her: 'Walk with me.' The story went round the locale. One woman told me that when her eighty year old mother died, she had died peacefully talking about what had happened to the Burke Child. while praying the Rosary."


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