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Thursday, July 25, 2013

death in the afternoon

 In the past month...

1. A train carrying oil mysteriously came loose from its overnight berth, and exploded in the centre of a Canadian town, killing upwards of fifty people.

2. A train derailed in France killing a half dozen people. News reporters were surrounded at the scene by grinning Muslims who smirked into the cameras as though awfully happy about something.

3. A train in Spain derailed today killing an estimated eighty people. Investigators say the driver had deliberately exceeded the safe speed limit.

4. A passenger jet airliner crash landed at San Francisco airport. Three people were killed, including one run over by a fire truck at the scene.

5. A passenger jet crash landed in New York airport. No one was killed.

6. A passenger jet in park mode went on fire at Heathrow airport.

7. The same day as the incident at Heathrow, another passenger jet developed problems in the air over the UK and was diverted for an emergency landing.

8. I think there is a significant possibility that some or all of these incidents are Jihad. I am suggesting that Muslims are sabotaging transport services as part of their Jihad against humanity. I am also suggesting that proper security procedures should now be introduced at mass transit facilities and within airline companies all over the Free World. Muslims should not be permitted to work in maintenance or security. People trafficking crime gangs should be prevented forthwith from transhipping Muslims into the West. The people trafficking mafias themselves must be smashed. Their footsoldiers among the drug dealing petty mafias of Ireland and Britain should be interned without trial or subjected to trial by military court.

9.The Free World is America, Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If we continue to allow Muslim Jihadis to attack us from within, it's not going to be the Free World for very much longer.

10. Delenda est jihadis.


Footnote: Before the end of July a further train crash occurred involving two trains colliding in Switzerland. On 7th August, a plane flying to the USA from Ireland was diverted with a suspected bomb on board. No device was found. Also on 7th August, the Arrivals Terminal at Nairobi airport in Kenya, the busiest airport in Africa, burnt to the ground. The airport at Nairobi blazed on the 15th anniversary of Al Qaeda's 1998 bombing attack on the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. This is unlikely to be a coincidence. And finally, still in the past few days, twenty US embassies were shut down on suspicions that more Al Qaeda attacks were imminent. The suspicions supposedly arose from intercepted phone conversations. The Jihadis are playing with us.


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