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Friday, August 23, 2013

an open letter to something called martina devlin who writes for a bankrupt anti catholic abortionist newspaper styled the irish independent

You wrote today that the banks were treating Irish people with disrespect.
But surely the reason Ireland's banks collapsed is that those banks lent billions of dollars to the newspaper group for which you work, ie Independent Newspapers, and Independent Newspapers refused to repay the money. (I admit the banks also collapsed because their own senior managments were systematically burglarising their own banks through according themselves massive loans, salaries and bonuses which, in the case of the loans they never intended to repay and in the case of the salaries and bonuses, they never earned.)
Surely the real and more profound disrespect to the Irish People has come from Independent Newspapers criminal proprietors Tony O'Reilly (sponsor of Olympics Drugs Cheat Cian O'Connor, he of the famous and indeed risible "how was I supposed to know my horse was a junkie" defence), and Denis O'Brien (whose personal fortune was based on commercial advantanges obtained through bribes to politician Michael Lowry who in return for ye aforementioned criminal bribes gave him national mobile phone licences worth billions of dollars for a couple of million).
Surely the most odious and otiose disrespect of all to the Irish People comes from the refusal by your bosses Tony O'Reilly and Denis O'Brien to pay what Independent Newspapers owes to collapsed Irish banks from their own billion dollar fortunes preferring instead to compel the Irish People to pay it through the largesse of our corrupt abortionist Prime Minister Enda Kenny who has cancelled Independent Newspapers debts and signed us all up to meeting the tab.
Surely your pretence of solidarity with the Irish People is contemptible beyond belief.


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