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Monday, August 19, 2013

an open letter to poor little rich ex monk gary o'sullivan proprietor of the left wing magazine falsely styled the irish catholic

Dear Gary O'Sullivan.
An article by yourself this week on the cover of your own magazine The Irish Catholic, features a contrived and baseless attack against Bishop Eamonn Walshe.
Your article is built around comments from several anonymous priests who you yourself claim are real people that you contacted seeking quotes about Bishop Eamonn Walshe's appointment to a new senior position in Dublin.
Hardly fair O'Sullivan.
You permitted a clandestine coterie of your supposed sources to openly slander Bishop Eamonn while remaining anonymous themselves.
It was slander by the way.
Slander by innuendo.
And it was sneering.
And it was oh so anonymous.
Let's get this straight.
On the cover of your own magazine, you trumpeted the sneers of these supposedly real priests selected by you and facilitated with the front page of the Irish Catholic to express their supposed doubts about Bishop Eamonn Walshe, and you didn't feel you had to name any of them or get any comment from the hundreds of thousands of people who love Bishop Eamonn Walshe and would be proud to set their name to their views.
Sneering O'Sullivan.
Now I sneer all the time.
But I do set my name to my sneers.
You O'Sullivan sneer by proxie.
Your front page attacks on Bishop Eamonn Walshe were cowardly, ignoble and dishonourable.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
Well actually I do.
What you did to Bishop Eamonn Walshe was a thoroughgoing disgrace O'Sullivan.
You sought once again to destroy the reputation of Eamonn Walshe, a decent, honourable, heroic, self effacing, self sacrificing Bishop.
And you didn't even have the courage to admit O'Sullivan that the views you expressed were your own.
Anonymous sources indeed.
You miserable plush bottomed poor little rich boy hound.
Fond regards.
James Healy
PS: Pass on your greetings to your brother Andrew who chopped down the hundred year old trees around Kilcullen Church for the crime of not being modern enough. Seriously though. He did a marvellous job. Still. At least Andrew just destroys trees. You destroy human beings. For your sport.


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