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Sunday, August 18, 2013

an open letter to mary kenny

Dear Mary.
Where did you get the idea for an open letter to the Irish Deputy Prime Minister?
I saw your letter printed as an article in the bankrupt left wing gazetter which falsely styles itself The Irish Catholic and is run rather incompetently for now hugely diminishing profits by poor little rich Ex Monk Gary O'Sullivan.
But that letter to the Deputy Prime Minister.
It was a very original idea although your treatment of it was as per usual a bit wishy washy.
Still, a brilliant idea.
Where did you get that idea from?
Mary? Mary? Where did you get the idea to write an open letter to Ireland's Deputy Prime Minister from?
Hmmm? Mary? What's the matter, cat got your crotch?
Fond regards and well done in getting left wing atheistic Marxian abortionist Michael D Higgins, your old flatmate or friend or whatever he was, elected as President of Ireland.
That was a marvellous contribution to protecting the life of the unborn.
And lo.
Six months later we have legalised abortion in Ireland.
Well done Mary.
Well done that girl.
And keep the brilliantly original though slightly wishy washy open letters coming.
Where do you get those wonderful ideas?
Fondly yours.
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