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Monday, September 02, 2013

obloquys for seamus heaney

(Heelers may mean obsequies - Ed note.)
Seamus Heaney was given a send off today at the Church of the Holy Liberal Atheists, in Donnybrook, Dublin.
An audience drawn from the ranks of abortionist atheistic contrareceiving life in test tubes promoting euthanasist hoor masters from the Stalinist State broadcaster RTE were joined by their hoors for a ceremony that must surely have provoked cheers all over the seventh ring of hell.
There was a certain irony in the make up of the congregation at this particular funeral.
For RTE has of course refused to retract its latest malign attempt to frame a Catholic cleric for child abuse even after the family of the man RTE had framed obtained evidence appearing to exonerate him.
The latest victim was conveniently deceased when RTE framed him but his family have done a little research, and the African person RTE had paid to claim to be a sex abuse victim has refused to attend a formal hearing to back up his allegations.
In addition the African person RTE paid to frame the deceased cleric has said his statements about the cleric were misquoted by RTE.
In addition the fellow students of the person paid by RTE to frame the deceased cleric, have given official statements asserting that no such abuse took place.
And RTE still hasn't pointed out to the general public that RTE's attempt to frame the deceased cleric was utterly malicious and utterly false and has now been exposed as an utter sham.
By the way, the RTE staffers responsible for paying the lying African to frame the deceased cleric have not been identified.
Nor should we forget that this situation comes hot on the heels of RTE's failed attempt to frame another Catholic priest using exactly the same methods.
In that instance RTE made the mistake of bribing an African to make a false rape claim against a certain Father Kevin Reynolds, in addition to claiming that Father Kevin Reynolds had fathered a child with her, the mistake being that RTE contrived this frame up while Father Kevin Reynolds was still alive and Father Kevin Reynolds obtained a quarter million dollar damages settlement from RTE, when the African person that RTE had paid to frame him retracted her testimony after first refusing to take a blood test which would have confirmed that Father Kevin Reynolds was not the father of her baby and then supposedly having taken the test which did indeed prove she was a miserable perjuring lying RTE hireling hound.
The general public have been compelled to pay RTE's damages to Father Kevin Reynolds through compulsory taxation by our Stalinist government.
RTE frames yet another innocent Catholic priest for child rape, gets caught doing it, and we all pay the bills.
The wheel is rigged and it's the only game in town.
Come back Anglo Irish Bank, all is forgiven.
And today we have the grand anti Catholic atheistic panjandrums of RTE cramming Donnybrook Church to pose and preen at Seamus Heaney's mockery of a funeral, presided over by a couple of tame Padres who seem to have forgotten entirely their duty to God and to the Church and to the Truth and last of all to their priestly colleagues even now being falsely framed for child abuse by this hoormaster RTE congregation of hypocrites assembled here before our eyes.
I couldn't help wondering mildly what lifelong atheist  Seamus Heaney's corpse was doing in a Catholic Church anyway, even one as debased as that at Donnybrook.
And lo!
Up the aisle swanked Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
Archie placed a Bible on lifelong atheist Seamus Heaney's coffin.
Archie said: "He spent his life among words and so it is right that we place these words there."
The Bible, mark you.
Not Das Kapital.
I found the whole thing quite quaint.


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