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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

did jimmy saville commit child abuse as is being alleged by the bankrupt daily mirror newspaper and the viewerless itv television station in conjunction with rupert murdock's congenitally corrupt news corps international, who happen to be owners of sky news, the fox channel, the times of London, the super soaraway phone tapping sun, and the wall street journal no less

(First published October 2012)

1. There is some precedent for false allegations of rape and or child abuse.

2. The primary accusation, the main one, against the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile (the accusation of rape) is being disseminated for profit by Mirror Group Newspapers, ITV and other media organisations including the two thousand million dollar bankruptee Daily Mail. The primary accusation comes from a woman who claims Jimmy Savile raped her in 1963. Without this accusation the other accusations being trafficked by these bankrupt media groups amount to nothing more than typical opportunistic tabloid profiteering inuendo against a celebrity who cannot sue them because he is dead. The to date still anonymous supposed rape victim is claiming that she was raped fifty years ago by a man who is not around to answer her claims. Her claim specifically is that she went as Chairperson of an Elvis Presley fan club to Jimmy Savile's hotel room in 1963 to collect Elvis Presley memorabalia, and that he raped her in his hotel room during this visit. She claims that his hotel room was beside the hotel reception desk but that she did not cry out because she was scared. These claims would be improbable if she made them about something that she said happened today involving a human being who was still alive. Her claim that all this happened fifty years ago with a celebrity who is dead, is tremendously convenient for her and for the Mirror Group and for ITV and for the other bankrupt media organisations disseminating her claims for profit. She further claims she was sixteen years old at the time and working as a secretary. She claims she became pregnant with Jimmy Savile's baby after what she claims was a single rape in his hotel room. Ever more conveniently she claims she aborted Jimmy Savile's baby. So there's no child for a DNA test. Abortion became legal in Britain four years after she claims to have aborted Jimmy Savile's baby. Convenient again, because it means there are no medical records to confirm she was ever carrying anyone's baby in 1963, let alone Jimmy Savile's. Because she still refuses to be identified, it is impossible to conduct even very basic tests as to her credibility, although she does satisfy the famous Esther Rantzen standard of credibilty with regard to women claiming to have been raped. That is to say she is a woman accusing a deceased man of raping her. That's enough for Esther Rantzen. Neither the Mirror Group nor ITV have revealed how much they are paying her to say what she is saying about Jimmy Savile. I am deeply disquieted about this.

3. False allegations of rape and or child abuse have been made frequently over the past forty years. Motives for these range from spite to attention seeking, from envy to the profit motive.

4. False allegations of rape and or child abuse have been made even more frequently over the past thirty years against celebrities.

5. False allegations of rape and or child abuse are made most frequently of all against celebrities or famous people who also happen to be Christian.

6. When James Anderton was Chief Constable of Manchester he had a public persona as a fierce uncompromising upholder of the law and as a Christian. Some of his colleagues in the Greater Manchester Police Force attempted to attach suspicion to Chief Constable James Anderton as a suspect in the Yorkshire Ripper Murders case. The allegation against Mr Anderton is generally accepted to have been utterly without foundation. Of course when a slander of this sort is perpetrated, it's well nigh impossible to establish with one hundred percent certainty the innocence of the man being falsely accused. Careers are destroyed along with reputations. James Anderton was still alive when his colleagues and others attempted to destroy his career by suggesting, solely based on their own distaste for Christianity, that he was the sort of man who would turn out to be the murderer. The contrived and baseless allegations against him are considered the high water mark of prejudice against Christians in public life in Britain. Remember. The allegations were formulated by fellow police officers.

7. There is a profit motive for bankrupt newspapers to frame celebrities for child abuse. The only safe targets are dead celebrities who cannot sue.

8. The Sunday Mirror and the Daily Mirror are bankrupt newspapers and part of a bankrupt media group. The group is believed to have associations with bankrupt Irish media baron Tony O'Reilly who himself has a publishing deal with British porn baron Richard Desmond. The Mirror also certainly has some sort of collaborative working relationship with Rupert Murdock's News Corp International Group, the owners of Sky Television. Former Mirror Group chief Robert Maxwell was found floating dead in the ocean some years ago having apparently looted the Mirror Group pension funds. Mr Maxwell's death was dismissed by investigators as a suicide. The bona fides of the Mirror Group, its employees, and its associates at ITV are deeply suspect as is their motivation in the present case.

9. The Mirror group has PREVIOUS for falsely framing people for non existent crimes in order to bump up its negligible readership. Management, journalists and staff members at the Daily Mirror itself have repeatedly engaged in behaviours of an opprobrious, dishonorable and illegal nature.

10. A few years ago, the bankrupt Daily Mirror knowingly published faked photos in order to falsely allege that British troops had committed war crimes against Muslim Jihadis. The faked photos were published on the cover of the Daily Mirror in an attempt to bump up its declining sales. The faked photos had been staged to show fake British soldiers urinating on fake Muslim Jihadis. The publication of these photos was a boon for Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as for the worldwide Muslim Jihadi terror war against humanity.

11. A few years ago the bankrupt Daily Mirror was caught publishing stock market tips in order to inflate the prices of shares which its editor and journalists were buying in advance of the Daily Mirror's recommendations for those same shares. The public were being falsely induced to buy shares already owned by Daily Mirror staff. The Daily Mirror's management and staff had engaged in this fraud for a number of years, possibly decades.

12. A British parliamentarian has stated in the House Of Commons, that the Daily Mirror has for many years routinely hacked into the phones of private citizens. The British parliamentarian asserts that this practice was endemic under now disgraced (and fired) editor Piers Morgan who also oversaw the share tipping scam and the publication of fake Iraq War torture photos at the same newspaper. Interestingly enough, such behaviour has proved no limitation on Piers Morgan's career. Following his disgrace at the Daily Mirror, Piers Morgan was hired by CNN to present a prime time current affairs chat show.

13. It seems likely beyond a a reasonable doubt that the Daily Mirror, like other corrupt British and Irish media groups, also routinely purchased and ran police officers through bribery and patronage. I say that this bribery by the Mirror Group seems likely beyond reasonable doubt, simply because it has become an open secret in journalistic circles in the British Isles, that all the major newspaper groups have been routinely purchasing bent coppers, or turning coppers into bent coppers by so purchasing them. My sources in the Irish police have informed me that sometimes newspaper journalists in Ireland will hear about a murder case from high ranking police officers in a particular region before the regional police have themselves been informed. This sort of open secret about organised media corruption of the police is based on real evidence against living media group executives and personnel who are engaged in an outrageous subversion of the process of law within our democracies. My supposition about the systematic bribery of the police by corrupt near bankrupt media groups, is therefore literally about one thousand times more credible than the invidious unsupported innuendo based suppositions currently being propagated by the Mirror Group about the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Saville. The use of a retired police officer to front the Daily Mirror ITV television programme attacking the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Saville, is not reassuring.

14. The Daily Mirror newspaper group, and its staff, would not be accepted either as witnesses or investigators of child abuse in any court of law on earth.

15. Several individuals being quoted this week in Mirror Group news articles accusing Jimmy Saville of child abuse were themselves party to the contrivance and broadcasting of those accusations as part of a television programme for an organisation styling itself ITV. The articles in the Mirror Group publications do not make clear that Esther Rantzen et al, were party to the programme in which the accusations against a dead celebrity are being peddled.

16. The testimony of anonymous supposed broadcasters against Jimmy Saville being proffered by the Mirror Group is unacceptable. If these supposed broadcasters (we have only the Mirror's word that they exist) cannot even put their names to their innuendos, their testimony becomes nothing less than invidious.

17. Colleen Nolan, a former teenager singer who appeared on the Top Of The Pops television show presented by Jimmy Saville when she was 14, claims in the Daily Mirror that Jimmy Saville made her feel uneasy. The Daily Mirror carries pictures of Colleen Nolan on the show. Jimmy Saville is in the pictures with his arm around her waist while the show is being broadcast live. Colleen Nolan is smiling in the picture but may indeed have felt uneasy. Colleen Nolan writes in the Daily Mirror: "I'm not going to reveal what he did to make me feel uneasy. It's not about me. It's about those girls." Having attempted to ruin the reputation of a dead celebrity, Colleen Nolan insists she's not going to explain with any specificity at all, what exactly she's claiming he did. Colleen Nolan's testimony is not credible or acceptable. It should be noted that Colleen Nolan is employed by the Daily Mirror as what the newspaper calls an Agony Aunt. It is unlikely that the Daily Mirror would print any comment from her or indeed continue to employ her if she wrote in her column: "The attacks on Jimmy Saville by my employer the Daily Mirror are a desperate attempt by a bankrupt newspaper to gain publicity for itself at the expense of a decent man who is not alive to defend himself." It is also necessary to note that Colleen Nolan was once a member of the famous Nolan singing family. Members of the family have claimed that their own father sexually abused them. I accept that Colleen Nolan as a fourteen year old may have been too young to be disporting herself in a sexualised manner for money on Top Of The Pops. Colleen Nolan may in fact have been too young to be a television performer, period. Perhaps her parents should have given her more time to grow up before pushing her into show biz. All these things would account for her feeling uneasy with the presenter of a television show welcoming her onto his show by putting his arm around her waist while the cameras were rolling. One thing is certain. Colleen Nolan was never abused or mistreated in any way by Jimmy Saville.

18. Paul Gambaccini, a broadcaster who styles himself as an expert on pop music, claims in the Daily Mirror that Jimmy Saville received a phone call accusing him of abuse and prevented the caller taking further action by telling the caller that such action would cut off charity donations which Jimmy Saville was supposedly raising for a hospital. Are we to believe that Jimmy Saville would give Paul Gambaccini details of such a call? Are we to believe the British Police (many of whom routinely take bribes from the Mirror and other media groups), rang Jimmy Saville and then fled in fear when he mentioned his fundraising for a hospital? Paul Gambaccini doesn't specify who made this call about which he claims such detailed knowledge. Are we to believe a sex abuse victim backed down when a hospital was mentioned? Are we to believe that Jimmy Saville confided in Paul Gambaccini about all this? Such things are not believable. (The article you are reading now was first published on the Heelers Diaries on the 2nd of October 2012. Little more than a year later on the 2nd of November 2013, the above mentioned broadcaster Paul Gambaccini has just been arrested in connection with allegations that he himself had sexually abused children. The Daily Mirror newspaper and Rupert Murdock's News International (Sky, Fox, The Times, The Sun, and The Wall Street Journal) who a year ago were using Paul Gambaccini as a provider of supposedly credible testimony to calumniate Jimmy Savile, are now reporting his arrest on suspicion of committing sex abuse offences himself without mentioning his participation in their initial contrivance of presumption of guilt for Jimmy Savile. Instead Paul Gambaccini's arrest is being deliberately and misleadingly reported as having come as part of the investigations into Jimmy Savile. The exact wording being used in these deliberately misleading reports goes: "Paul Gambaccini has been arrested under Operation Yew Tree which was established to investigate allegations of sex abuse involving the broadcaster Jimmy Savile." Malicious isn't it. No mention of Paul Gambaccini as one of the sources of the allegations against Jimmy Savile. Nothing exculpatory for the reputation of Jimmy Savile is being allowed leak into the public domain under any circumstances. The fact that his two main accusers from a year ago, ie the ones who could claim to be colleagues of his at the BBC, have since either been arrested or have actually faced charges of sex abuse, themselves remains largely unknown to the general public. See next point and addendum.)

19. A self styled media producer, calling himself William De Ath claims in the Daily Mirror and on the ITV fishing expedition documentary that the Mirror co-produced, that Jimmy Savile went to bed with an underage girl. William De Ath is quoted as saying that Jimmy Savile had used a seedy hotel as a rendezvous to have sex with a twelve year old. Then William De Ath adds: "Or maybe she was ten." The flippant manner in which the self styled William De Ath changes the age of the supposed victim should speak volumes about the credibility and motivation of William De Ath in accusing Jimmy Savile of child abuse without any corroborative evidence whatsoever. Are we to believe Jimmy Savile confided in William De Ath? Really? And why doesn't William De Ath name this hotel where he is flippantly claiming that the most famous celebrities in Britain can have sex with children without anyone saying anything for thirty years? Surely if William De Ath named the hotel, we might be able to find corroborative evidence beyond that of Esther Rantzen who just "feels" Jimmy Savile is guilty. (William De Ath was publically discredited as a witness much quicker than Paul Gambaccini. Within weeks of the publication of this article in October 2012, William De Ath himself had been arrested after a British actress in her 60's accused him of sexually abusing her while she was a child. The police later chose not to press charges against William De Ath. The media failed to mention in their coverage of  his arrest that he had provided one of their lynchpin testimonies of unproven inuendo against Jimmy Savile. The media also quite scurrilously and thoroughly innacurately reported his arrest as having come as part of investigations into Jimmy Savile rather than making clear that the allegations against William De Ath had nothing to do with Jimmy Savile.)

20. The bankrupt readerless Daily Mirror has contrived the most disgusting accusations against the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Saville when he is not in a position to defend himself. The story is an attempt to shore up a doomed media empire at the expense of a dead man's reputation. The accusations smear not just Jimmy Saville but his family who are still alive. The accusations are rendered egregious by their tenuousness and by the fact that for forty years while Jimmy Saville was alive, the supposed victims never brought their accusations into the public domain.

21. A pair of also ran sub prime would be celebrities, shleeveen British documentarian Louis Theroux (shleeveen = low rent, insincere) and Irish sensationalist atheistic commentator Kevin Myers have added their voices to those speculating that Jimmy Saville is guilty of the charges being orchestrated by the Daily Mirror against him. This is how trial be newspaper works. An assumption of guilt is created. The assumption becomes self fulfulling. Both Louis Theroux and Kevin Myers are equally ignorant as to whether Jimmy Saville ever committed child abuse or not. Both are content to amorally promote themselves as pundits, ie interesting fellows with interesting things to say about anything and everything, on the amoral assumption that he was.

22. Esther Rantzen does not know whether Jimmy Saville committed child abuse or not. She has concluded based on a feminist reading of the situation, that no one would make such allegations unless they were true. Her testimony would not be acceptable at a Women's Institute coffee morning, never mind in a court of law.

23. Colleen Nolan does not know whether Jimmy Saville committed child abuse or not. She has jumped on a band wagon at the behest of her bankrupt employer the Daily Mirror. Her behaviour approaches child abuse in its moral debasement. I am suggesting that the one crime which approaches child abuse in seriousness is to falsely accuse or to facilitate the false accusation by another of someone being falsely accused of committing child abuse.

24. Paul Gambaccini does not know whether Jimmy Saville committed child abuse or not.

25. I do not know whether Jimmy Saville committed child abuse or not.

26. I know that on his television programmes Jimmy Saville treated people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, age groups and social classes, with respect and kindness.


Footnote 1: The above article, as noted, was written a year ago in the opening phases of the Mirror Group and ITV's trial by media of the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile. At the time I had not yet become aware of the possibility that the entire campaign against Jimmy Savile had been directed from Rupert Murdock's News Corp International group which was desperate to distract attention from a public enquiry under Lord Leveson into its various nefarious behaviours and corruptions, including the phone tapping of private citizens, multiple briberies of police, and manifold subversions of the British parliament. The Leveson Enquiry was an existential threat to Rupert Murdock's newspaper titles and television stations. They needed something big and the destruction of the reputation of Jimmy Savile was it. The behaviour of Murdock's media entities in using a story which had initially seemed to emanate from the Daily Mirror and ITV, to distract attention from public concerns about News Corp and the Murdocks themselves, is at least highly suspicious and at worst damnable. Whether Murdock and Company liaised with the near defunct Daily Mirror and ITV in the contrivance of the initial fishing expedition television programme against Jimmy Savile is a moot point.

Footnote 2: I would humbly suggest that it is now in the interests of the British people, and indeed the human race, to break up Rupert Murdock's News Corp International under anti trust legislation. The Daily Mirror and ITV should be closed.

Footnote 3: Dateline November 2013... It is my profound belief that we should not let any newspaper or media group conduct show trials. Copy this to the morally and financially bankrupt Daily Star Irish Edition which is currently despatching its staff members in pursuit of a 78 year old ex priest along the highways and byways of Ireland. The 78 year old man who has diabetes and can barely walk, has served jail time for sex abuse offenses. Daily Star photographers have been hunting him from city to city and printing fresh photos of him every now and then in an attempt to stir up a witch hunt among the public. So far the Daily Star photographers have forced him to move home at least three times and seem intent on hounding him to death, remorselessly chasing him down streets, following him into train stations, and filming him in cafes. Daily Star photographers have inflicted near continuous harassment on this man, walking up to him in the street, pointing their cameras at him, and demanding: "Are you still a threat to children?" Heroes aren't they. If he does die, his blood will be on the hands of the owners of the Daily Star, the management of the Daily Star, all who work for the Daily Star, and indeed those purveyors of phone sex lines who advertise in the Daily Star. I consider the behaviour of the Daily Star in this case to be attempted murder. I have said before that I am perfectly willing to support the death penalty, though not for this man, if the People Of Ireland vote for it. I support the death penalty for Mafia scum, serial killers, Triads, murderers generally, members of the Brazilian psycho gang MS 13, anyone who has kidnapped and murdered a girl, anyone who has kidnapped and murdered a child, anyone who has kidnapped and murdered anyone, drug dealers generally, Judges in the pay of drug dealers, members of Al Qaeda, IRA assassins and torturers, the Mexican Zetas Cartel, the Colombian Farc, and indeed anyone and everyone engaged in the casual murder of human beings for sport, entertainment, profit, prophet, criminal purposes or as part of a Jihad against all humanity. And finally and in particular I support the death penalty for the rackateering Nigerian devil worshippers who ten years ago trafficked a little boy through Ireland for ritual sacrifice to satan in London and who have trafficked many more children and adults since then for precisely the same purposes. But get this. Even though I am willing to countenance the death penalty in all the circumstances outlined above, I am not in favour of the death penalty ever or in any circumstance being imposed or carried out by the Daily Star, its management, its photographers, or their ilk. Incidentally when was the last time a member of staff at the Daily Star approached a Nigerian drug dealing people trafficking devil worshipper fresh from murdering a little boy and demanded: "Are you still a threat to children?" That I'd love to see.


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