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Sunday, September 01, 2013

ireland narco mafia state


1. Drug gangs, people traffickers, and Islamists, are currently dividing Ireland up into personal fiefdoms.

2. The main crime gangs engaged in the subversion of the Irish State are: Members of the supposedly defunct communist terror army formerly styled the IRA, members of the Muslim supremacist organisation styled Al Qaeda, Nigerian people traffickers (The Nigerians routinely use black magic to cow the people they are trafficking into prostitution), Chinese Triads, old Italian Mafias, along with new Russian, new Lithuanian and other new Eastern European Mafias. A supposed ethnic minority in Ireland, self styled as The Travellers, and formerly known simply as The Tinkers, has also produced some significantly evil players on the crime scene. Irish police say that two main Traveller families based in Dublin have become synonomous with criminal activities all over Ireland. Traveller crime families are coalescent with the IRA.

3. The connection between fascist Islamists and communist terror armies has dated from the time the IRA were training at terror camps run by Colonel Gadaffi in the 1980's. Al Qaeda has created a more recent and direct liaison with European and South American communist terror groups, including the Irish IRA, the Basque separatists Eta and the Colombian Farc. This coalescence and cooperation has been fuelled by Al Qaeda's need to find markets for its heroin and cocaine. There have been Muslim conversions among the FARC.

4. The Irish Police have confirmed that the main importers of cannabis into Ireland are Moroccan gangs. For Moroccan read Muslim. For Muslim read Islamist. The myth that Muslim terrorists have moral reservations about dealing drugs should now be laid to rest permanently.

5. In Ireland the newly coalescent Mafias have moved in on Dublin's taxi trade. To the shame of the police and licencing authorities, gangsters have been given licences to operate their own taxis. The real annexation of the taxi trade has taken place behind closed doors through intimidation, terror and murder. The Mobsters hijacking of Dublin's taxi trade is reminiscent of the former IRA's business practices in Northern Ireland, where for decades the thug terror army ran the Black Taxis of Belfast and used them as a mobile transport corps for their murderous activities.

6. The new element in all this exploding narco criminality is the Al Qaeda element. Alone among the hoodlums hijacking Ireland, Al Qaeda has a political vision and the will to implement it.

7. Al Qaeda's political vision for Ireland and the Irish is that the entire populace shall be terrorised and enslaved to Islamic Nazism.

8. The new Mafias and the old ones who are together hijacking Ireland as we speak, benefit greatly from their liaisons with corrupt police officers.

9. The new Mafias favour the use of teenagers and pre teens for moving drugs, vandalism, and other harassment activities. They use teenagers and thugs in their twenties as militias projecting fear and intimidation in towns and villages across Ireland. The Mafias favour the use of children and teenagers as these can often function below the radar of what passes for law enforcement in Ireland.

10. The societal dynamic being unleashed across Ireland by this dark alliance of IRA, Al Qaeda, Triad, Russian/Nigerian/Italian mafia  murderers, psychopaths, drug dealers, rapists, kidnappers, pimps and child abusers, is IDENTICAL to that which the Italian Mafias unleashed on Italy a generation ago. Italy is now a failed State. Its young people wish only to escape from it. Its corporations are owned and controlled by gangsters. No aspiring businessman can so much as open a shop without permission from a murdering racketeer. Whole swathes of the countryside and cities are effectively governed by nameless faceless killers who pull the  strings of elected politicians. For Italy the Mafia brought a new dark ages.

11. They're doing the same thing here. Now.

12. It's time to take out the trash.


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