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Sunday, September 01, 2013

barack in wonderland

President Barack Obama of the USA, announced today: "I know some people are worried because of the longevity of the conflict in Afghanistan. I know some people are suspicious about our commitment in Iraq. But the engagement in Syria will be a limited one."
Barack made his career out of falsely criminalising President Bush's strong actions against Nazi regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.
It is hard for Barack to admit that anyone could have reservations about something he himself might do now, without blaming those reservations on the President he sought to destroy merely to advance his own career during a time of war.
Here is the news Barack.
Al Qaeda has hijacked the formerly legitimate rebellion in Syria.
Al Qaeda has murdered far more people all over the world in far less humane ways, ie by hacking their heads off while they're still alive and conscious, than have been purportedly killed by the Assad Regime using chemical weapons.
Al Qaeda have blinded more schoolgirls with acid, than Syrian President Assad ever did.
(In fact the Syrian President is accused of a grand total of nought schoolgirl blindings.)
If you go into Syria, you are installing Al Qaeda as the government of that country.
Vladimir Putin, the psychopathic resovietising President of Russia, has said he will not let you do it.
So if you go into Syria on behalf of Al Qaeda, you will be lining the world up for a war with Putin's Russia.
Many many people oppose this Barack.
And our analysis has nothing to do with your ongoing attempts to criminalise Mr Bush.
Thank you for your time.


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