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Saturday, June 07, 2014

mirrior in june

Sitting in the oratory at Naas hospital for a prayer session. Me and the various holy Joe's n Josephine's are oolagohning the Almighty to beat the band. After an hour we tiddle respectfully into the corridor. "What time is mass here?" I ask a fellow oolagohner. She shakes her head. "The Eastern Health Board does not allow mass to be said anywhere in Naas hospital," she tells me. I am nollprossed. Has it come to this. Yes I had noticed that the oratory contained a few new age and oriental symbols. And I had noticed that though the Bible is present, it is studiously kept off the lectern. A few weeks previously I had even taken to placing the Bible on the lectern when I would arrive in the oratory. The following day I would find it had been removed and a more groovy new age style thought for the day book left in its place. This musical chairs with the Bible and the new age book continued for a few days until I got bored and actually started praying. To be fair, the oratory does contain the blessed sacrament in a reserved tabernacle. It's just you're not allowed place the Bible on the lectern or say mass apparently. As me and the Holy Joe's exited we passed the Muslim prayer room which has been provided recently to cater for Muslim staff and patients at the hospital. I wondered briefly had the Eastern Health Board placed any limitations on the rituals that Muslims perform there. I also wondered had the Eastern Health Board dared compel the Muslims to share their prayer room with other faith traditions. No. That sort of treatment is reserved for Catholics. The enigmas endure.


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