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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

al qaeda christmas boogie

A week after the Christmas eve ramming of a bin lorry into a crowd of people in Glasgow, still no news on the name of the driver.
His work colleagues have been forbidden to speak to the media.
So it was probably Jihad.
A week after the disappearance of yet another Air Malaysia passenger plane flying out of Indonesia, there's still no mention on CNN or Sky News of even the possibility the plane was downed in a Muslim terror attack.
So it probably was.
The ferry on fire off the coast of Italy? (Death toll estimated to reach 40.)
Al Qaeda has learnt that lone wolf attacks make much more sense than putting its name to its murders.
Claiming their every atrocity might lead to humanity uniting against them.
And western media groups have apparently bought into this strategy insisting romantically that every Muslim terrorist who murders people in our streets, or on any street in any country on earth, is just a random nutter and not connected to any world wide terror armies that might be wandering around.
I hope it stays fine for them.

Footnote: The name of the lorry driver was finally released in mid January. It is a western name, ie not Muslim. The names of his three colleagues who were in the lorry with him are still being withheld. The authorities are also remaining silent about the precise medical reason for his supposed collapse at the wheel. As per usual the plane crash in Indonesia has been attributed to pilot error. A subsequent passenger plane crash in early February in Taiwan with 32 dead, is also being explained the same way. 


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