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Thursday, December 18, 2014

heelers helps the homeless

There have been copious gallons of crocodile tears shed by Ireland's political and media elites over last month's death of a young homeless man a few yards from the front door of the Irish parliament.
My old nemesis Archbishop Diarmuid Martin emerged from left wing slumber to donate a food kitchen and preen his wings for the cameras.
Sundry other left wing nemeses loosed a ripe caterwaul claiming the Republic of Ireland itself had failed the young man.
Their loudest calls were for more funding for more hand wringers to spend more time wandering the streets of Dublin trying to force more drug addicts to move out of more doorways into more beds for the night.
The Stalinist State broadcaster RTE led the charge with its chief simperer news reader Sharon Boland hand wringing on the streets of Dublin in what appeared to be a leather fetish outfit.
I suppose it's one way of warming up the homeless.
Ho hum.
Here is the news.
The people of Ireland did not fail that homeless man.
Nor did the Irish nation.
Nor did his family.
In fact, the real cause of death for that homeless man was not that he slept outdoors on a winter's night.
He had died many years previously.
The real cause of his death was the drugs that that homeless man had been hooked on by drug gangs from his youth.
I say this to you in all sincerity.
That homeless man was murdered.
That homeless man was murdered by the drug gangs who hooked him on their poisons when he was young, and heartlessly filled him with those poisons until he was a shambolical wreck incapable of accepting the help that had been freely offered to him throughout his life.
The criminals selling drugs are responsible for the death of every drug addicted homeless person whether their victims die of exposure or not.
In every case, the homeless people die because they have been reduced to helpless shells by the criminal combines who enslave them to poisons.
By the way, that homeless man owned two houses over the course of his young life. His family gave him those houses. And he sold both to pay for drugs. For much of his life he had access to a third house, in the form of the family home if he had chosen to avail of it.
That homeless man was murdered by the same sleazoid drug gangs who prey on all of us.
All the socialist fetishistic hand wringing in the world, all the free money and methadone treatment programmes in the world, all the wearisome atheistic victim culture "it's not his fault, he never had a chance" style maunderings in the world, will not change the fact, that that young man's homelessness was caused, perpetuated and coup de graced by drug gangs.
So then.
It's clear isn't it.
The only real way to fight homelessness is to go to war with the drug gangs.
For Ireland, that means going to war with Ibrahim Buwisir's Al Qaeda and his Moroccan gangs in Dublin, with the Russian Mafia, with the IRA, with the Tinker gangs, with the Triads, with the whole damn bunch.
They've killed more than 5000 people in Ireland during the past decade by hooking them on poison and filling them with it till they die.
Five thousand human beings dead through drug use in ten years in a small island country with a population of about three and a half million.
Can you believe it.
Five thousand.
Those are official government figures by the way.
Five thousand in a decade.
That's more than the IRA killed in Northern Ireland between 1969 and 1999 in 30 years of continuous torture, murder and mayhem.
Kinda makes you think, dunnit.
You know what folks.
The IRA are killing more people in the Republic of Ireland today and at a faster rate, through their drug distribution activities, than they ever did when they were waging full scale terror war on the streets of Belfast.
That's my point.
If any of you really do care about the homeless.
Stop the hand wringing and the hand outs.
Stop the socialist solutions which only ever breed more dependency and more depravity and which are ultimately doomed to collapse when the rest of the world becomes unwilling to pay our bills for us.
If we want to help the homeless, I suggest we do so in a lasting way by interdicting those drug dealing criminals who profit by reducing human beings to a state whereby they are incapable of being anything but homeless.
We must break the criminal combines who aggrandise themselves by hooking children on poisons.
We must deal with the criminals who profit from fostering and servicing such drug addictions.
We must go to war with the drug dealing mafias who are currently carving up Ireland into personal fiefdoms.
End the mafias and you will go a long way towards ending homelessness.
"Help the homeless," means "Fight the mafia."
Harsh words.
The guilt ridden warm hearted cliches of RTE, Archbishop Martin and the politicians might make you feel good at Christmastime.
They might even convince you that you've made a difference without actually doing anything or taking any risks for your country.
But it's all flannel.
Or in Sharon Boland's case cheap imitation leather.


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