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Sunday, December 21, 2014

the crunch question

Question: What have commentator Mark Steyn, actor George Clooney and General Westley Clarke got in common?

Answer: No it's not that they launched what I believed was a frivolous conflict in the Balkans in order to distract attention from Bill Clinton's Lewinski problem, thereby risking World War Three by alienating Russia which was trying to democratise at the time, and further risking World War Three by accidentally deliberately directing a missile into the Chinese embassy to Yugoslavia during that same war because, if I'm correct, they suspected elements of Slobadan Milosevich's command and control were there. That was just General Clarke. It's not that they spent the War On Terror rooting for the Jihadi's. That was just George Clooney. It's not blah blah blah. That was just Mark Steyn. What these three have in common, is that they all, all, all, believe the North Korean communist dictatorship hacked into Sony Corporation's computers last week to prevent the release of a film nobody cares about, nobody is talking about, and nobody wants to see.

(Note to self: Check with Sesame Street to see if this one is eligible for their "Three of these guys are kinda the same" segment.)


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