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Friday, December 12, 2014

how the mafia got its groove back

The new White Water Centre had just opened in Ireland.
Everyone was excited.
A huge commercial shopping development creating jobs and business activity right here in the heartland.
Only the mafia was upset.
For management at the White Water Centre were young and naive.
And management at the White Water Centre were refusing to bow to mafia extortion threats.
It was all very upsetting.
For the mafia.
Didn't the White Water Management realise that the mafia run all large scale business operations in Ireland?
How on earth could they be convinced?
So the mafia began phoning in bomb threats to the White Water Centre.
All through the Summer.
And every time a bomb threat was received,  the Centre had to be evacuated.
So management gave in to the mafia.
The Rah got its extortion money. (Protection money they call it.)
Chinese Triads got the contract to clean the toilets via the Yu Dong Refrigeration company Ltd.
Eastern European gangs were given control of security.
Al Qaeda (ie Muslim drug gangs) were allowed to run the concession stands in the corridors. (They were selling ten foot tall wall lamps of the twin towers up until recently.)
And that is how the mafia got its groove back.


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