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Friday, December 05, 2014

ireland now

Real Politik

1. The Irish lawyer Kieran Conway has written a book entitled Southside Provisional about his time in the IRA.

2. In my opinion, the IRA has for fifty years been a blight on Ireland and the world. From the 1960's it was a Soviet KGB backed Marxian terrorist group intent on turning Ireland into a dictatorship and handing our entire country lock stock and two smoking barrels over to the Russians. In the past decade, following a peace process in Ireland, the IRA has focussed full time on mafia rackateering activities while its poltical wing Sinn Fein has moved ever closer to achieving its first ever outright election win in the Republic of Ireland. That is to say, the mafia rackateering IRA's poltical wing Sinn Fein may form the next government of Ireland. Clearly these are my views, not Kieran Conway's. I must admit that up until six months ago I was advising people that even though Sinn Fein is an atheistic Marxian abortionist political entity, a vote for Sinn Fein as long as Sinn Fein had genuinely given up its IRA past, was in the current climate of generalised political corruption in Ireland, actually a reasonable option. My view on this has changed as my analysis of the IRA's mafia activities, its ongoing subversion of Irish public life, and its perpetual symbiosis with Sinn Fein, has crystalised.

3. This week Kieran Conway stated on a radio show hosted by former newspaper editor Matt Cooper, that in his younger days while applying for IRA membership he had been advised by the IRA to complete his university studies, and that afterwards the IRA would arrange a job for him in Ireland in the media, Civil Service or the Trade Union movement. He should have also mentioned the Judiciary which according to my sources the IRA was also subverting through systematic infiltration at the time.

4. Kieran Conway then added: "I think it's generally accepted that this sort of infiltration went on." Radio host Matt Cooper, a normally quite capable interviewer, apparently didn't notice anything sensational in these statements and instead of pressing for more details about the just revealed fifty year IRA subversion of the entire institutional apparatus of the Republic of Ireland, contented himself with gushing questions about what it feels like to be in the IRA and was it a rebellion against your middle class upbringing, and what did your father think, blah, blah, ephin blah.

5. Kieran Conway is wrong in implying that the IRA infiltration of the media, Judiciary, trade union movement and most importantly the Civil Service, in Ireland is generally known to the public or accepted by the public. It happened alright. It is known to a few of us who have shouted loud about it but it is not generally known. If they knew about it, I don't think any Irish person would accept our being reduced to the level of farm animals by terrorist mafia rackateers posing as freedom fighters. If Irish people knew about it, they would put a stop to it. Kieran Conway's admission that the IRA has successfully infiltrated the institutions of State in the Republic of Ireland is historic.

6. My opinion is that the IRA now wishes to pretend that the IRA's infiltration of the institutions of State in Ireland is known and publically accepted, a sort of open secret, in order to prevent any decisive repudiation of a generation of Judges, journalists, trade unionists and civil servants who are IRA agents. Hence Mr Conway's book and radio comments.

7. The public repudiation of agents of the IRA terrorist rackateering mafia group is long overdue.

8. The IRA's political wing Sinn Fein is on the verge of gaining parliamentary power in the Republic of Ireland for the first time ever. They are riding the wave of public disaffection with the admittedly corrupt but essentially mainstream non terrorist and largely non mafia political parties.

9. Riding their own tide of unprecedented popularity Sinn Fein have had to face only one public relations disaster which threatens their move towards parliamentary power in Ireland. Their bid for power is threatened solely by public outrage at news that Sinn Fein's terrorist rackateering muscle the IRA have for decades been moving child abusing IRA members from British administered Northern Ireland to safe havens in the Republic of Ireland.

10. This week a civil servant in the Republic of Ireland called Gerry Ryan has claimed that several named senior politicians from Ireland's main stream non terrorist largely non mafia parties, have held secret illegal overseas bank accounts, and that other politicians from the mainstream parties, have colluded to cover up this situation.

11. My analysis is that the civil servant Mr Gerry Ryan is running pass defence for the IRA and its political wing Sinn Fein. I believe his revelations are designed and timed to distract public attention from the IRA and jts political wing Sinn Fein's policy of sequestering their child abusing members in the Republic of Ireland. I believe his revelations have been deliberately orchestrated by the IRA's political wing Sinn Fein which has been under unprecedented pressure in parliament over its collusion in the IRA's trafficking of sex abusers into the Republic of Ireland. The bankrupt Independent Newspaper Group and the Bolshevick heavily IRA infiltrated Irish Times should now stop referring to the civil servant Gerry Ryan as a whistle blower. I say it again. Calling him a whistle blower accords integrity to his unproven allegations which they may not deserve. The civil servant Gerry Ryan may not be a whistle blower even if he turns out to be highlighting what turn out to be real corruptions among the main stream non terrorist poltical parties. He may still be an IRA agent. Certainly his timing serves only the IRA and their political wing Sinn Fein.

12. I remind you all that supposedly former IRA member Kieran Conway has just stated openly on radio that he believes it is an open secret that the IRA had infiltrated the Civil Service, the media and the trade unions in Ireland during the 1970's.

13. I remind you also of my previous analysis regarding the IRA's current reinvention of itself as a full time mafia, which is currently dividing Ireland into fiefdoms with Chinese Triads, the Russian Mafia, Nigerian mobsters (who according to Irish Social Services routinely practice black magic on the victims they traffick into the country), older Italian mafias, newer Eastern European gangs, and others. The Irish police say there are a grand total of 26 major mafias with a significant presence in Ireland. The real figure is higher.

14. I remind you of my previous analysis that these mafias all collaborate with the Muslim terrorist mafia Al Qaeda in people trafficking and drug dealing activities. Moroccan drug dealers are the number one importers of marijuana into Dublin according to the Irish police. That's quite the leap for Ibrahim Buisir's Black Jackets of Al Qaeda from a negligible presence here prior to Nine Eleven to industry leaders in the drug trade barely a decade later.

15. I have used the phrase intersections of depravity to describe the process whereby the IRA, Al Qaeda and other mafias no longer fight against each other but have reached a smooth mutual accomodation, effectively collaborating in the allocation of territory and spheres of influence for their drug dealing, prostitution, murder and people trafficking activites.

16. I have further used the phrase intersections of depravity to indicate that I believed that satanic cults operating in Ireland may somehow be sheltering in the IRA. I am not asserting that the IRA themselves are devil worshippers. But satanic cults are known to operate here. They kill people here. And the Irish police have never identified or charged anyone with a cultic murder. I am postulating that satanists are piggybacking on IRA structures to conceal themselves. Consider this. Wherever extremes of behaviour and secrecy are the norm, say in a terrorist group like the IRA, psychotics and murderers may congregate in the hope of gaining licence for their activities. The same principle will apply to satanists. They will congregate at the extremes of our culture. They don't come more extreme than the IRA. Moreover the organised sexual abuse of children is a hallmark of devil worship. And the IRA is drowning in this stuff.

17. The most extraordinary concealment of a devil worship murder in Irish history occurred in 1973 and has continued in the thirty years after. In 1973 a satanist called Lorcan Bale, then aged sixteen, mercilessly kidnapped, tortured and crucified a child called John Horgan in the attic of the Bale family home in Dublin. The inquest into the murdered child's death was repeatedly adjourned over a thirty year period by corrupt judges who wished to keep the details out of the public domain. The Bale family were given new identities and rehoused at a secret location. The satanic murderer Lorcan Bale was given a new identity and turned loose on the English. Lorcan Bale was never tried for the murder of the little boy whom he ritually slaughtered. For thirty years no Irish newspaper reported Lorcan Bale's satanic murder of a child in Dublin. The Irish Independent falsely reported that the little boy had died of natural causes. At precisely the same time as Irish newspapers were deliberately concealing the murder of John Horgan, Canadian newspapers were reporting it accurately. How could this all happen? How did the Bales achieve this level of influence over the police, Judiciary and media of the Republic of Ireland? The Bales were Irish speakers. The Bales father was a member of prayer groups and had a publically pro life stance. The Bales father worked in the civil service no less, with one Cathal Goan who later became head of the Irish national broadcaster RTE as well as the Irish language television station TG4. I wonder why RTE and TG4 have never broadcast a report on the Bale family's satanic murder of a little boy in 1973. Why has RTE never mentioned the outrageous police/media/judicial/political conspiracy to conceal that murder? Most recently RTE was able to stump up money to pay Africans to falsely claim to have been raped by Catholic priests. Why would RTE never quite get round to mentioning the Bale family's activities in 1973? Were the Bales also beneficiaries of the IRA's generous relocation policies for IRA child abusers?

18. Did satanic murderer Lorcan Bale escape justice for his crucifixion of a little boy first through his family's IRA connections and afterwards through the IRA's broader capacity to manipulate the institutions of State in the Republic of Ireland using infiltrators? Or is there another satanic cult in Ireland capable of projecting this sort of influence? Lorcan Bale's father was a prominent member of Dublin prayer groups. Did he also find time to infiltrate the IRA? Or is the IRA frankly satanistic, ie without the need for satanists to infiltrate it because they already own it? Perhaps they only need to own a few local IRA franchise gangs. A similar principle might apply to prayer groups. Lorcan Bale's father may not have needed to infiltrate every prayer group in Dublin nor would he need to have infiltrated every part of the IRA in order to manipulate it to his ends. If satanists own one brigade of the IRA, could they then use the extensive IRA power structures as a general cloak for their activities?

19. A second case of devil worship murder in 1973 has also been covered up apparently by malefactors operating within the democratic institutions of the State. Cynthia Owen (nee Murphy) has testified that her parents prostituted her to a devil worship ring in the town of Dalkey. The organised ritual abuse of Cynthia Owen took place while she was ten and eleven years old. Information about the Dalkey ring is in the public domain. Its members have been named and are known to the police. At least one of them is known to the police precisely because he is a police officer. Journalist Nicola Tallant has written about the case extensively in the Sunday World newspaper. My assessment of the ongoing Judicial/media/police and political cover up of the activities of the Dalkey devil worship ring is based on  my acceptance of Cynthia Owen's testimony and Nicola Tallant's reportage of it.When Cynthia was eleven years old, having been serially raped for a long period, she gave birth to a child who was murdered. Cynthia has further testified that she later gave birth to a second child in like circumstances who was also murdered. There seems to be no conceivable reason for police inaction on this case other than a deliberate policy of obfuscation, aimed at denying Cynthia Owen justice and protecting the devil worship ring in Dalkey which violated her and murdered her babies.. Where could such a policy come from? How on earth could it be implemented? How could it be upheld? Are satanists once again piggy backing on the back of the IRA's rat lines into the upper echelons of Irish cultural and political life? Or does a satanic cult operate as a power brokerage here independently of the IRA's infiltrators of the police, the media, the Judiciary, the trade unions and parliament?

20. Again, I ask you. Has the IRA's infiltration of the media, Judiciary, trade unions, police and parliament in the Republic of Ireland been used to protect devil worshippers in its ranks? Or is there a quite separate satanic cult, ie separate from the IRA, operating with impunity in what passes for high society in Ireland?


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