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Monday, January 05, 2015

a little light relief

Two news stories over the Christmas period raised my spirits somewhat.
I gotta tell ya folks, it was a relief to find at least a couple of current events to potentially restore my faith in the wondrous mawkish gregariousness of human beings and in which, thankfully, no human beings were getting killed.
First we had Pope Francis tearing his Cardinals and Bishops a new one at a meeting in the Vatican.
The footage was priceless.
The Pope in his serious holier than thou Pope voice, was reading out a list of what he apparently considered home truths about his Cardinals and Bishops and he was doing it with the Cardinals and Bishops sitting right there in front of him.
I suppose I was so amused by the whole thing because I could imagine the Cardinals mouthing to each other "What the f---," as Francis droned on and on about their failings.
It's what I would have been saying.
Bear in mind I'm not personally invested in Francis as pap, because I believe he was installed in a coup d'etat.
If he turns out to be a good guy, I'll be thrilled. (And surprised) If he's a left wing infiltrator or something evil, well, you know the drill, told you so etc etc. Particularly etc etc.
The second story that warmed the cockles of my cerebellum over the Christmas, was the whole kerfuffle over North Korea supposedly hacking into the Sony Corporation's computers supposedly in a fit of picque over a supposedly less than respectful depiction of North Korea's dictator in a forthcoming Sony movie.
This seemed hilarious to me because for a start I never believed the North Koreans did it.
It seemed far more likely to me to be a bit of pre publicity concocted by Sony Corporation to drum up intererest in a hundred million dollar flop that no one was talking about.
Advance word of mouth for this movie didn't exist up until the moment the high octane allegation of international computer hacking was released.
Next minute President Obama was involved and cinemas were saying they wouldn't show the movie because they feared North Korean retaliation.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hoo, ha, hee hee, ha, ha, heeeeeeeeeeee.
Hoo baby.
Let me wipe my eyes for a minute.
Yes it was fun to revel in a few news stories for a while whose surrealism and just plain whatchamacallit weren't costing anyone their lives.
Thank you Pope France and thank you Sony Corporation.
May you continue in 2015 to contribute so fulsomely and harmlessly to the gaiety of nations.


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