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Monday, January 05, 2015

jihad at sea

Two sea going cargo vessels sank today in Britain.
Of these one went down off Scotland with the presumed loss of eight crew members.
The other was deliberately run aground shortly after setting out in the Thames estuary, thankfully with no loss of life.
The Captain claims he beached the ship because it had inexplicably started to list and was about to capsize.
In the same twenty four hour period on the far side of the world, a cargo ship has sunk off the coast of Vietnam.
It is believed at least 13 of its 14 Filippino crew members have died.
The lone survivor is refusing to speak to his rescuers.
There's the first clue folks.
The simultaneous sinkings of cargo ships around the world today may not just be a Mafia insurance scam.
It may be Jihad.
A Jihadi on the crew could do it.
Or a Jihadi in the maintenance department on shore.
Or simply someone just paid by Jihadis to do it.
Be in no doubt.
It's being done.
Cf; The Christmas day passenger ferry going down off Greece.
Cf: The bin lorry running down six people in Glasgow on Christmas Eve. (The driver still isn't being named for some mysterious reason.)
Cf: The Christmas eve vehicular rammings of pedestrians at two separate locations in France, during which the drivers of both vehicles are reported to have screamed "Allah u akbar," as they deliberately steered their cars into groups of people on the streets.


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