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Monday, January 12, 2015

one good judge

At a bankruptcy hearing in the USA, an American Judge has correctly, honorably and courageously, deemed the evidence of Irish IRA fraudster David Drumm to be completely composed of lies.
Drumm fled to America using IRA ratlines to Boston (courteously operated by those lovable psychopaths from Whitey Bulger's murderous rackateering IRA Winter Hill gang) after Drumm and his IRA accomplices bankrupted Ireland in the year 2007 by creating illegal multi billion dollar loans for companies operated by IRA gangsters such as Sean Quinn and his various IRA progeny, loans which came via Anglo Irish Bank, a financial front company that Drumm and his IRA associate Sean Fitzpatrick were managing (on behalf of the IRA).
Ireland was bankrupted to repay a bank for a bank heist disguised as illegal loans to the IRA, a bank heist that had been organised by the bank itself, a bank that was owned and operated by the IRA.
You couldn't make it up.
Drumm has transferred much of the money he stole to his moll (styled his wife for the purposes of money laundering) whose testimony in the American court was also a masterpiece of concatinated mendacity.
This week Drumm has been attempting to have the American court discharge him of his debts in order to finally put a lid on his nation busting bank job.
Ah bless.
Diddums wanted closure.
He just got unlucky.
He met an honest Judge.
I guess none of us saw that one coming.
In Ireland it couldn't happen.
What can we say about David Drumm, his wife Moneylaundericia, Sean Fitzpatrick, Sean Quinn, their IRA families, et al. (Particularly Al. I hate him.)
Scummmmmm is too kind a word.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
Since the original bank heist by Drumm, Sean Fitzpatrick, Sean Quinn and their odious IRA progeny and their accomplices, since then I say, corrupt Irish Judges have held a few pattycake trials and released these glorified IRA super thieves with community service orders or no sentence at all.
Moreover Sean Quinn is now using corrupt proxies to regain control of the original front companies which he had used as a cover to bankrupt the Irish nation back in 2007 through illegal billion dollar loans to his IRA front companies from the IRA run bank, a bank in which, it should be noted, Sean Quinn himself was a 25 percent shareholder.
Yes that's right.
IRA rackateer Sean Quinn owned 25 percent of the IRA bank that was systematically burglarising itself by illegally lending him billions of dollars.
Where did he get the additional billions of dollars to buy 25 percent of the bank that was already systematically burglarising itself by illegally lending him billions of dollars?
The bank lent him the additional billions of dollars to buy the 25 percent of the bank's shares after it had already lent him billions of dollars in order to systematically burglarise itself.
Hilarious no.
Anyway Sean Quinn is once more back in control of his nation bankrupting company styled the Quinn Group the one which acted as a receptacle for many of the billion dollar thieveries which David Drumm and Sean Fitzpatrick at Anglo Irish wanted to disguise as loans in what was officially the biggest bank job in human history.
At the height of the recession in 2008, no other bank on earth declared losses as great as Anglo Irish Bank.
So here we are.
The key corrupt proxy in putting Sean Quinn back in charge of the company he used to burglarise the Irish nation, was a local politician called John McCartin who belongs to a party styled Fine Gael, in fact the current party of government in Ireland.
We have no Judges, police or politicians in Ireland capable of handling this case or any other case relating to David Drumm, Sean Fitzpatrick, Sean Quinn or their odious IRA progeny and accomplices.
We are being governed by the IRA.
My only hope is that the Irish people have never in their history allowed scum to govern them.
That includes IRA scum.
Muslim terrorist scum.
And their accomplices in the Judiciary.
Thank you for your time.


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