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Monday, June 22, 2015

the secret life of pope francis the first

Pope Francis is greeting a row of special guests at the Vatican.
He comes to one distinguished looking gentleman in a black suit.
The Pope: "And who are you?"
Gentleman: "Yo Yo Ma."
Pope Francis leaps at the gentleman. The two go over. There is much scuffling and kerfuffling.
Several dark suited aides intervene and separate them.
Pope Francis is still trying to get at his guest who looks nonplussed.
As the Pope struggles he mutters things like: "Y tu mama tambien," "I keel you gringo," and so on.
Among the dark suits, the Pope's personal secretary pleads with him to desist.
Personal Secretary: "What is it your Holiness? Why are you doing this?"
The Pope: "He insulted my mother. He did. He really did. He said: Your Mama."
Personal Secretary: "He said Yo Yo Ma, your Holiness. It's his name. He's a famous musician."
Pope Francis calms down.
But as he walks away he looks back at Yo Yo Ma who mouths "Your Mama," and the Pope runs back to him and the two go over again.
(Cut to music segment with Wasp singing Mean Man.)


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